Sarah Palin


All the President’s Mavericks

By 10.16.09

The independent Republicans who usually give whoever is in the White House whatever they want.

Re: Just What the GOP Needs

By on 10.2.09 | 11:54AM

Jim, the campaign manager of last year's loser has weighed in with his infinite wisdom and immaculate forecasting about a potential 2012 Sarah Palin candidacy.

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Honey, Jim Wallis Shrunk the Church

By 8.25.09

Savages Palin after calling for civility -- will he take the Public Option Pledge?


Richard Cohen’s Wild Moose Chase

By 8.21.09

Was it drink that caused him invoke Joe McCarthy against Sarah Palin?

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Sarah’s Successor

By 7.27.09

Sean Parnell was Palin's right-hand man. Now he is the nation's newest governor.

Special Report

Hang ‘Em High

By 7.21.09

Walter Van Tilburg Clark's The Ox-Bow Incident continues to resonate.

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The Palin Effect

By 7.16.09

Pundits and the party base remain split over the soon-to-be former governor.

Weekly Standard Interview with Sarah Palin

By on 7.10.09 | 12:23PM

The Weekly Standard website has up a piece by Matthew Continetti that includes parts of an interview with Sarah Palin. She discusses some of the issues that prompted her to resign and her plans for the future. The explanations she gives are the same ones that she cited in her now-famous resignation speech. It's an interesting interview, but it seems a bit too much like PR -- Continetti doesn't ask tough questions, and includes a lengthy survey of Palin's meteoric career that's mostly apologetics. The takeway from the article is that there are no other factors that led Palin's resignation that are not already on the record.

We'll see. Somehow I don't feel fully reassured.

Another Perspective

Doin’ What Comes Natur’lly

By 7.8.09

Sing along with Alaska's Little Miss Sure Shot.

‘If I Die, I Die’

By on 7.7.09 | 3:35PM

Sarah Palin certainly has her flaws, but it has been interesting the last few days to watch her swat away one criticism after another of her decision to resign the Alaska governorship.