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Poll Parsing

By on 6.12.08 | 11:04AM

I just spent some time analyzing the results of the latest WSJ/NBC poll, and thought a few things were worth noting.

While Obama has enjoyed a post-nomination bounce, it's more like the type of bounce you'd get from a rusty pogo stick that's been sitting in the garage for ten years. Obama now leads McCain by 6 points, 47-41, which is just a three-point swing from the previous poll. To put this in better context, the public favors a generic Democrat over a generic Republican by a much higher 51-35 spread, so Obama is underperforming and McCain is outperforming.

Obama continues to have a problem with white males -- McCain holds a 20-point lead among this group. On the other hand, Obama holds a 34-point lead among Hispanics, a group that he had trouble with during the primaries and that Bush made significant headway with in 2004. Obama also enjoys a 19-point lead among women -- perhaps that's another argument in favor of tapping Sarah Palin as a VP.

Some more notes:

Palin May Be McCain’s Best Bet For VP

By on 6.10.08 | 11:07AM

I'm a little late to the party on this one, but after giving some thought to it, I'm coming around to the view that Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin may very well be John McCain's best choice as a vice-presidential candidate. And by best choice I don't necessarily mean my top choice, but the best pick from a purely political perspective.

Gizzi Rates the Veep Contenders

By on 3.5.08 | 9:18AM

Over at Human Events, our dear friend John Gizzi does a good job rating the potential McCain Veep choices. Most interesting comments: On Chris Cox: "gilt-edged conservative credentials... articulate and hard working, Cox would close the gap between McCain and conservatives and balance the ticket in terms of age." On Mark Sanford: "Republicans in the state grumble that Sanford picks too many fights, even with fellow conservative GOPers." On Sarah Palin: "Palin has among the slimmest of resumes of vice presidential possibles. " Read the whole thing. Good stuff.

Reader Mail

Northern Exposure


Alaska's first lady. Can McCain find gold? Obamanation. Building the shark jumper. Plus more.

Send in the Alaskan Crabs

By on 2.26.08 | 12:18PM

Mark Tapscott, who has "Texas blood flowing through [his] Oklahoma-born veins," gives readers of the Washington Examiner a heads up about Thomas Cheplick's cover story today on possible McCain veep Sarah Palin. In closing, Tapscott claims to "still believe Alaska will be much smaller than the Lone Star State once it melts." The Eskimo Anti Defamation League is reportedly not amused.