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Not So Fast


Walk at your own chosen speed. Nero was a Republican. Chicken Little tactics. Media maniacs. No longer a republic. Plus more.

Tatoo You

By on 9.30.08 | 5:59PM

Here's an October surprise for you: Liberal blogs claim Sarah Palin's lip gloss may actually be a tattoo.

I hope this isn't true, because it sure changes the joke: What's the only difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull? A tattoo. And let's not even get into putting a tattoo on a pig...

Palin or Paleo?

By on 9.30.08 | 3:39PM

Remember the controversy over whether Sarah Palin was, gasp, a Buchananite? Sean Scallon has an interesting article in the current issue of the American Conservative exploring how Jacksonian social conservatives migrated from the 1990s Buchanan Brigades to the Bush Leagues, even though they represent polar opposites in terms of foreign policy.

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Greenlight Special


Government, brokers dig in. The do-nothing Congress. Sticks and stones. Thanks, Peter Ferrara. McCain update. Plus more.

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Snooty Katie


Couric oversteps her bounds. Fannie and Freddie's friends. Penny antics. A prodigal's return. Plus more.

On Message…Sadly

By on 9.26.08 | 1:56PM

Just got an email from the Brain Trust over at Keystone Progress:

Sorry about the last minute notice. Please forward widely ASAP!

Sarah Palin will be in Philadelphia tonight outside of the Irish Pub, 2007 Walnut St. Palin should arrive around 7:00. We'll be there from 5:30 until at least 7:30.

Our theme for tonight:


Please make signs and banners that use that theme.