Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin Reads Green Eggs and Ham

By on 3.10.14 | 3:32PM

Sarah Palin delivered CPAC’s keynote speech on Saturday with wit and feisty charm that ignited the conservatives in the crowd.

Palin had no reservations about attacking Obama and his administration, jabbing at Obamacare, the NSA, and particularly the so-called war on women.

“We know better than to fall for that victimization line,” she said. “But if you have a sister or a friend, you have to set them straight. They entice girls to think they need guys to grow government. That’s not liberation; that’s subjugation.”

Displaying a copy of Dr. Seuss's Green Eggs and Ham, Palin changed the words and delivered lines like “I do not like this health care plan.”

She also wasn’t afraid to mock Obama's foreign policy strategy: “Vladimir…I’ve got a phone and I’ve got a pen…I can poke you with my pen – pinkie promise!”

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Palin Derangement Syndrome: ‘No Labels’ Edition

By on 3.29.13 | 7:04PM

It doesn’t take much provocation to trigger an outburst of Palin Derangement Syndrome from the usual suspects, and former Rudy Giuliani speechwriter John Avlon’s PDS eruption at the Daily Beast is typical.

Avlon helped create the anti-Tea Party “No Labels” group, an effort to destroy the Republican Party through “non-partisanship,” apparently because there was no one in the GOP who was willing to hire Avlon after the embarrassing debacle of Giuliani’s 2008 campaign.

Sarah Palin’s political action committee released a video signaling that she would continue to be a presence in helping elect conservatives like Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley. In attacking Palin – accusing her of hypocrisy -- Avlon played on public ignorance about how PACs and consultants operate.

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Palin’s Enemies Don’t Understand Libel Case Against Joe McGinniss

By on 9.27.11 | 7:52PM

Perhaps you haven't heard about the letter that Sarah Palin's lawyer sent Random House, so let me begin by filling you in on the background:

Joe McGinniss last year made headlines by renting the house next door to the Palin family in Wasilla. McGinniss recently published an anti-Palin book that was almost universally panned by critics as an ill-sourced smear job and it appears to be a commercial flop. Some of the more sensationalized sex-and-drugs-and-crime stuff in the book made headlines for a few days, but once other journalists saw what sloppy work McGinniss had published, his book was dismissed as an overhyped hatchet-job. Even such notorious Palin-haters as Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow have snubbed McGinniss. And then ...

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Palin, Perry, and Paranoia

By on 9.1.11 | 1:10AM

After Wednesday's all-day drama surrounding Saturday's Tea Party rally in Indianola, Iowa -- with headliner Sarah Palin reportedly ready to cancel her scheduled appearance -- Palin's fans were understandably perplexed.

It appeared that the event's organizers, a new group called Tea Party of America founded by Ken Crow, had provoked an unnecessary controversy by a last-minute decision to add former Delaware Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell to the rally schedule. Tuesday, O'Donnell was disinvited and then re-invited, and by Wednesday morning, Palin's participation in the event was reported to be "on hold." Then O'Donnell was finally disinvited and, at last word, Palin had agreed to go on with Saturday's show.

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Dear Governor Palin: Please Call Me

By on 8.15.11 | 11:05PM

Governor, my good friend Quin Hillyer appears to believe that you deliberately allowed a reporter from Politico to overhear your conversation with Alex Pappas of the Daily Caller (who is also my good friend). In the interest of putting to an end what Quin calls a "contretemps," permit me to suggest that you ask around for my phone number, call me up, and let's get the facts straight.

My gut-hunch says that you wouldn't be doing any favors like that for a Politico reporter. In fact, my gut-hunch says that this reporter was actually eavesdropping on your private phone conversation.

Now, governor, you know the good work I did two years ago when the execrable scuzzball Jesse Griffin was floating that bogus divorce rumor. And you also know that I had the honor of visiting with your husband and children last September.

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Gingrich: ‘Strategic Blunder’ for Palin to Mock Obama as ‘Community Organizer’

By on 6.23.11 | 12:36PM

Republicans, including Sarah Palin and Rudy Giuliani, made a "strategic blunder" by making a joke of Barack Obama's work as a community organizer, Newt Gingrich says in a new book about the radical ACORN group.

It was "not helpful" for Palin and Giuliani to mock community organizing in their speeches at the 2008 Republican National Convention, Gingrich tells investigative reporter Matthew Vadum in his new book, Subversion Inc. The GOP's mockery "trivialized Obama and Obama is not a trivial person," Gingrich said in an exclusive interview with Vadum featured in the book:

In [Gingrich's] opinion it was a strategic blunder for Palin and Giuliani . . . [Gingrich said:] "Obama is the most serious radical threat to traditional America ever to occupy the White House." It would have been better if Republican leaders "had gotten up and said, here is what [Obama] was teaching, and they had taken the audience through the five principles of [radical organizer Saul] Alinsky." Such a discussion "would have sobered the country. It wasn't a funny thing. It was a profound insight into how radical Obama is."

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Palin Decision Expected Next Week

By on 6.17.11 | 11:38AM

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is expected within a week to make a decision on whether to enter the 2012 presidential campaign, according to one Republican source.

Vendors of campaign services who hope to work for Team Palin have been told that Palin, the 2008 GOP vice-presidential candidate, will decide soon one way or another on mounting a 2012 campaign.

UPDATE: Palin responds via Twitter: "Really? Hmm, guess they forgot to inform me what I'm 'expected to do' next week."

OK, fine, governor, but I was reporting what my source had been told. Has my source been misinformed?

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The Palin Principle of Liberal Media Ethics

By on 5.27.11 | 12:35PM

During the Lewinsky scandal, Time magazine White House correspondent Nina Burleigh expressed the prevailing view of liberal journalists when she notoriously said, "I'd be happy to give him [oral sex] just to thank him for keeping abortion legal."

The obverse of such abject obseqiousness to Democrats is a ruthless hostility to Republicans, a media tendency that nowadays manifests itself as Palin Derangement Syndrome. Having studied the phenomenon at close range -- I visited Alaska last year to explore the native habitat of the original Palin-haters -- I am familiar with the symptoms of the disorder. Those in the thrall of PDS are willing to believe the very worst about the former Alaska governor, and will say or do anything that they think may hurt her, politically or personally.

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‘Huge Win’ for Palin Publisher vs. Gawker

By on 11.20.10 | 8:20PM

After the gossip Web site Gawker published unauthorized excerpts of Sarah Palin's forthcoming book America by Heart -- including 14 partial page-scans -- Palin took to Twitter to ask: "Isn't that illegal?"

Gawker's Maureen O'Connor responded by taunting Palin, suggesting the former Alaska governor might "want to take a moment to familiarize yourself with the law."

Oops. Palin's publisher, Harper Collins, went to court and Saturday afternoon, a federal judge issued a restraining order requiring Gawker to take down its excerpts. Associated Press reports:

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Fox News Contributors Mock Sarah Palin

By on 11.16.10 | 11:04AM

Two regular contributors to Fox News took turns mocking Sarah Palin behind the scenes of Sunday's "Fox News Watch" program, a video released by the network shows.

The video recorded during a commercial break on the program hosted by Jon Scott shows former New York Times reporter Judith Miller and former Washington Times reporter Liz Trotta laughing about negative reviews of Palin's new TLC documentary series, Sarah Palin's Alaska.

On the video, Miller, Trotter, Scott, Newsday columnist Ellis Henican and Fox News contributor James Pinkerton are seen preparing to go on the air when Miller says, "Oh, I do have something to say about Palin. I even prepared it. Who's doing Palin?"

"I am," Henican says.

"I'll add," Miller says.

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