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Peter King’s Political Fraud

By 10.10.13

Senator Ted Cruz is a “fraud" and a "medicine man selling goods he knows are phony goods." -- New York Republican Congressman Peter King.


Is New York Republican Congressman Peter King a political fraud?

What exactly is the endgame for GOP moderates?

What is the strategy for Ted Cruz’s GOP opponents when it comes to the age old GOP mantra of limited government?

Having raised the question repeatedly about Senator Cruz, (in the words of one brave anonymous GOP senator, “Cruz doesn’t have a strategy -– he never had a strategy, and could never answer a question about what the endgame was”) it’s time to turn the tables and ask of the Cruz critics: What next in your supposed fight for limited government? What is your “endgame,” your “strategy”?

Or are the Cruz/Lee GOP critics themselves just selling “snake oil” (in the words of the anonymous senator again to the Republican/conservative base)? 

In Memoriam

Al Haig’s Charge

By 2.22.10

Often controversial, egotistical, and mercurial, but always interesting and entertaining.

Political Hay

There’s Something About Sarah

By 2.10.10

Liberals can't put their finger on Palin.

Streetcar Line

Learning from the Brownout

By 1.21.10

Conservative optimism is a virtue.

Campaign Crawlers

The War of the Presidents: Reagan Battles Obama in 2010

By 1.5.10

Reagan conservatism takes on Obama progressivism as voters flee to followers of late president.

Political Hay

Reagan’s December Declaration: GOP “Not a Fraternal Order”

By 12.8.09

Rubio and Toomey Senate campaigns highlight Reagan approach to moderates.

Freedom Watch

Fragile Freedom

By From the December 2009 - January 2010 issue

What would Mr. Reagan think now?

Political Hay

The GOP’s Civil “Civil War”

By 11.9.09

It has an august recent history.  

Freedom Watch

The Spirit of 1989

By 11.6.09

It was the spirit of human liberty.

Special Report

The Reagan Prize

By 10.13.09

It's time to create an international award for those who really bring peace.