Ron Sims

Obamanoms, Chapter 2

By on 4.24.09 | 10:12AM

There must be something in the water in Seattle. First, Obama nominates the incompetent Seattle chief of police to be his drug czar, then he nominates King County executive (of which Seattle is a part) Ron Sims to serve as his deputy secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Sims' political and management career has been riddled with scandal and mismanagement, yet Republicans in the Senate don't seem interested in holding Sims -- or the administration that nominated him -- accountable.

According to numerous press reports, Sims gave a low-interest-rate HUD loan to build a four-star hotel at the Seattle Tacoma International Airport. The hotel was owned by a union pension fund manager and one of the world's largest hotel and casino operators. These loans are intended to clean up blighted areas and usually go to nonprofits, low-income housing developers, and social service agencies. So this explains Sims' "experience" for the HUD job, I suppose.

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