Religious Persecution

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Religious Persecution Update

By 12.11.09

 The freedom to worship freely remains under assault worldwide, for any and every reason.

Among the Intellectualoids

Potemkins in Pyongyang

By 10.27.09

The international religious left flacks for North Korea.

Special Report

Reputation Reversal

By 6.2.09

The most important victors in India's recent elections may have been Christians and other religious minorities.

The Current Crisis

The ACLU Talks Too Much

By 5.28.09

Picking a fight with the shellshocked veterans of World War I.

Special Report

Interfaith Dialogue: The Great Unmentionable

By 5.19.09

Islamic governments long ago learned that a good offense is the best defense.

Special Report

The Greatest Pro of Them All

By 5.15.09

And other Zacatecans.

The Hell-Hole Spectator

Persecuting Christians in Gaza

By 5.11.09

The folly of sending more U.S. tax dollars to the Palestinian Authority.

At Large

Kazakhstan Turns Ugly

By 12.12.08

The U.S. and Europe need to decide whether to reward this religious persecutor.