Rahm Emanuel

Rahm Emanuel Will Have to Face a Chicago Runoff

By on 2.25.15 | 6:58PM

Obviously, Tuesday’s Chicago mayoral election pitted Democrats on the left against Democrats on the further left against Democrats who might as well have come out of a Karl Marx treatise, but that’s no reason to play off Tuesday’s election results. After all, while I might care about it because I live here, Rahm Emanuel’s failure to clinch re-election speaks volumes about how the progressive left, which once saw the Obama team as saviors bearing manna from heaven, have now abandoned their fearless leaders because their election failed to produce real progressive results.

Instead of hitting the 51 percent needed to take the title, Emanuel halted at 45 percent and will now face a runoff against Jesus “Chuy” Garcia, making his path to Chicago’s traditional “Mayor for Life” role much more difficult than originally anticipated. 

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Howard Dean Targets Rahm Emanuel

By 1.29.15

Can you say “Democrat civil war”? How about “progressive civil war”? Howard Dean and brother Jim, the founder and chairman respectively of the progressive PAC Democracy for America, have declared war on…Rahm Emanuel.

Yes, you read that right. The PAC founded by Howard Dean — the former Democratic governor of Vermont, one-time presidential candidate, and ex-chairman of the Democratic National Committee — has unleashed an angry fundraising email dedicated to electing leftist city council candidates opposed to the notorious Rahm “Rahmbo” Emanuel, the progressive mayor of Chicago and Obama's ex-White House chief of staff. The letter is signed by Jim Dean. 

The email in its entirety reads (with all the bold print in the original):

One of the most important elections of 2015 is right around the corner -- and Democracy for America is in the thick of it, defending progressive champions against a notorious corporate Democrat.