Public Option

The Right Prescription

Worse Than the Public Option

By 12.9.09

Senate Democrats' health care "compromise" would move us even closer to a government-run health care system than the current bill. (Updated)

A Further Perspective

The Government Plan

By 9.10.09

With or without the public option, the idea is to assert government control over individual choice. Good luck with that.

The Right Prescription

The “Public Option” Trap

By 8.24.09

Obama is damned if he does, and damned if he doesn't.

Special Report

We’ve Long Had a Public Option

By 8.19.09

Non-profits already provide the "public option" Obama says he wants.

The Right Prescription

Blue Dog Day Afternoon

By 8.3.09

The conservative Democrat-Waxman deal should be taken very seriously.

The Right Prescription

Patriotism and the Public Plan

By 7.7.09

As a sign of good faith, those politicians in favor of a public option should enroll themselves and their families in one now.