Professional Football

Environoiacs’ Super Bowl Showdown

By on 1.31.11 | 1:47PM

National sport championship games such as the World Series or Super Bowl often bring out the mayors or governors of the contenders' cities for bets on their home teams, usually putting up a measure of food fare that their regions are famous for. Last year the mayors of Indianapolis and New Orleans engaged in the tradition, for example.

This year the two biggest environoia groups in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin have gotten in the act, but not on the outcome of the Super Bowl between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers. Instead PennFuture and Clean Wisconsin have bid against one another over efforts to outdo their opponent's fundraising abilities. PennFuture president Jan Jarrett explains how the bet works in this video:

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And Now These Briefs Messages

By on 1.27.10 | 10:27AM

Yeah, sure -- CBS has all-of-a-sudden become family-friendly by allowing Focus on the Family to air a pro-life ad featuring former Heisman Trophy-winner Tim Tebow.
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Cheeseheads and Saints Fans Unite This Weekend

By on 1.22.10 | 1:03PM

In anticipation of this weekend's NFL playoff matchups, shows how they've spread their anti-Favre sentiments to the other side of the world.
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Sports Arena

Fantasy Football

By 11.13.09

Celebrating the AFL's 50th anniversary with throwback fashion faux pas and other cheap marketing gimmicks.
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The Nation's Pulse

Man Bites Dog

By 8.19.09

The strange and sad case of Michael Vick.
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Dogs Don’t Hunt

By on 7.21.09 | 9:17AM

Only the Boston Herald's sports columnist Gerry Callahan could tie the indignant response over the NFL return of Michael Vick to politically correct eco-crazies, and make them both look foolish.
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