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Female Reporter Says She Was Harassed by ‘Occupy DC’ Protesters

By on 11.5.11 | 11:24AM

Members of the "Occupy DC" movement harassed a young female reporter during a protest Friday in Washington, D.C., shouting obscenities and preventing her from conducting interviews.

Michelle Fields, a video reporter for the Daily Caller, said she was stalked for three hours Friday while attempting to cover protests outside the Americans for Prosperity "Defending the American Dream Summit" at the Washington Convention Center.

Fields said she "did not feel comfortable, because at one point there were a whole group of men surrounding me saying, ‘F-Michelle Fields.'  And I went to a police officer and I told him that I felt these people were harassing me. And the police officer said he'd take care of it, but it never ended. These people were harassing me for the entire evening."

Boehner’s Fundraiser for Griffith Sparks Bipartisan Alabama Protest

By on 3.6.10 | 3:42PM

Party-switcher Parker Griffith was handpicked to deliver the GOP's response to President Obama's radio address today, but House Minority Leader John Boehner may be surprised at the hostile reception he gets in Huntsville at a Monday fundraiser for Griffith.

Conservatives in north Alabama's 5th District have hated Griffith for years, and his switch from "R" to "D" hasn't changed that. However, the discontent of local Democrats has enabled Tea Party leaders to organize bipartisan opposition to Griffith now:

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By 3.3.09

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