Paul Krugman

Obamacare and Progressive Delusions About the Poor

By on 3.11.14 | 5:46PM

Progressives see the world as a simple dichotomy, pitting the powerful and the wealthy against the oppressed and the poor. Politics consists of the oppressed rising up and making their lives better by diminishing the powerful. The federal government is the instrument of this rebalancing, whether through spending programs, progressive taxation, or laws that encourage equality.

So it’s no surprise that progressives would try to cram the results of the Obamacare law into this template. Here’s Paul Krugman last month:

The most likely answer [to why the GOP supposedly can’t get political traction] is that the true losers from Obamacare generally aren’t very sympathetic. For the most part, they’re either very affluent people affected by the special taxes that help finance reform, or at least moderately well-off young men in very good health who can no longer buy cheap, minimalist plans.

SuperFreakonomics Freaking Out the Greens

By on 10.16.09 | 5:02PM

SuperFreakonomics, the sequel to the pop economics mega-bestseller Freakonomics, is already generating a controversy on par with the controversies its predecessor caused -- except this time it's the left that is irate, over some of the book's dubious economics that downplay the threat posed by global warming.