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A Fracking Ban…in Louisiana?

By 6.10.14

Drill here, drill now” has been a mainstay of Republican political rhetoric for quite some time, and with the near-miraculous revolution in domestic energy production, it’s no longer just a catchy slogan.

Oil industry experts are now actively predicting American energy independence by 2030. They even say the U.S. will overtake Saudi Arabia and Russia as the world’s largest oil producer by next year. The meteoric rise in the domestic energy sector over less than a decade to create that bright future amid the otherwise dismal economic picture is perhaps the only thing saving America from a full reprise of the 1930s.

Which is why a sudden development last week in a nearly universally Republican area of one of America’s most promiscuous oil-producing states has political observers gobsmacked, and conservatives of several stripes pouring stiff drinks.

Put Up a ‘For Sale’ Sign on Federal Lands

By on 3.17.11 | 12:03PM

Several stories today worth comparing -- the first a commentary by Washington Examiner editorial page editor Mark Tapscott, in which he sets the record straight on the availability of federal lands for oil and gas exploration:

Based on government data...Ninety four percent of federal onshore lands are off-limits to oil and gas exploration, while 97 percent of offshore federal lands are off-limits.

So virtually all of the public lands now owned by the American people but controlled by the federal government isn't even eligible to be placed on the auction block for bidding by U.S. companies for energy exploration rights leasing.

Who benefits from this lockup of virtually all of America's public lands from American energy companies? Well, here are the top beneficiaries:

* National Iranian Oil Company

* Saudi Arabian Oil Company

* Iraq National Oil Company

* Qatar General Petroleum Corporation

* Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (UAE)

Pitiful Little Protest Leads to Reporter’s Firing

By on 9.17.10 | 1:17PM

According to the Washington Post Doug McKelway, a reporter for the city's ABC affiliate WJLA, has been fired after he was suspended last month over a confrontation with his boss. The conflict arose because of a McKelway report about a demonstration by environmental groups, who protested during the BP/Gulf disaster over oil industry campaign contributions to members of Congress. Here is the report he delivered on July 20 from Capitol Hill:

Another Environoiac Alarm Muted

By on 7.22.10 | 2:08PM

Groups like the Environmental Defense Fund and Center for Biological Diversity have warned that dispersants, especially Corexit, used on oil in the Gulf of Mexico are dangerously toxic to marine life.

Oily Politics Billowing in Pennsylvania

By on 7.1.10 | 1:33PM

Last week the attention-starved new Pennsylvania chapter of the League of Conservation Voters (Conservation Voters of PA) issued a pipsqueaky press release calling for Tom Corbett, the GOP candidate for governor, to return a contribution from Anadarko Petroleum, because the company owns 25 percent of the destroyed oil well in the Gulf of Mexico and has not (yet) ponied up for cleanup efforts -- so they say.

Recruiting for the Future of the Left

By on 6.22.10 | 10:20AM

The propagandists at the Alliance for Climate Education, who roam the country lobbying school boards and educrats to allow them to deliver 45-minute talks at high school assemblies, are promoting two new hip-hop artists to their teen audience.