Nuclear Weapons

Libya’s Not Dead Yet

By on 8.1.14 | 12:27PM

Libya's post-intervention history has been so bleak that it is being compared to Iraq and cited as proof that American interventions make things worse. But that is probably a hasty judgment.

Nuclear Weapons Are Against Shiite Islam

By on 7.17.14 | 5:51PM

"Tales of 1001 Nights" (which, ironically enough, is not respected as fine literature in the Middle East itself) is the story of an ancient Persian king. In a fit of disillusioned anger, the king declares he will marry a new maiden every evening and execute her the next morning. He is thwarted when one bride distracts him with a story that never seems to end properly. The king is too eager to hear the story's end to kill the storyteller, and his wife saves her life by telling an endless spiral of stories for 1,001 nights. 

The land of Persia is now called Iran, and its nuclear negotiations with the West don't look any more likely to end by the July 20 deadline than Princess Shaharazad's stories were to end at daybreak. Iran has more than hinted at an extension of the planned six months of negotiations with Western powers in Vienna, reported Reuters. 

At Large

Thinking About Bombing Iran

By 3.19.10

Not as unthinkable as the Washington establishment would have it.

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Russia Redux

By 10.30.09

The spirit of the Cold War makes Moscow feel good about itself.

Among the Intellectualoids

Potemkins in Pyongyang

By 10.27.09

The international religious left flacks for North Korea.

The Obama Watch

A Clear and Present Danger

By 9.30.09

How Barack Obama endangers you and your family.

Special Report

Watchdog or Lapdog?

By 9.16.09

The only good thing one can say about the UN-affiliated International Atomic Energy Agency is that its director, Mohamed ElBaradei is stepping down in November.

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He Did It His Way

By From the September 2009 issue

Martin and Annelise Anderson's indispensable book, Reagan's Secret War, chronicles Ronald Reagan's methodical pursuit of a victorious but unrancorous end to the Cold War.

Special Report

George Shultz’s New Evangelical Left Friends

By 7.17.09

Nuclear disarmament advocates make common cause -- or is Reagan's former secretary of state being used?

At Large

Theory and Practice of Revolution

By 7.10.09

What do we have in Iran? And would a new regime change the country's current foreign and defense policies?