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Notre Dame Can’t Stay Out of the News

By on 10.16.09 | 12:40PM

Some Notre Dame alumni, faculty, and students are again irate at the administration, this time for sponsoring the Progressive Student Alliance's participation in last week's gay pride march/protest here in D.C.

I wasn't going to comment on it because it seems like inside baseball and not a big deal. But today the Washington Times reported on the incident:

Five students belonging to the school's Progressive Student Alliance were given an undetermined amount from the university's student activities fund - from fees assessed to students - to drive to Washington, bunk with friends and participate in the National Equality March last Sunday. Thousands of participants marched from the White House to the Capitol to support gay rights.


Charlie’s All-In

By on 10.14.09 | 3:52PM

Here's an interesting note from college football: apparently Notre Dame head coach Charlie Weis has arranged for an unusual number of highly-touted high school recruits to make their official campus visits this weekend, for the showdown between the #25 Irish and the #6 USC Trojans.

The decision to have so many big-name recruits is notable on Weis's part because recently the annual USC game has been one to scare away potential Irish players: in the past two years Notre Dame has lost 38-0 and 38-3. Weis's struggles against USC -- he's 0-4 -- are a big part of his precarious status as head coach. After mediocre 3-9 and 7-6 seasons, and with no victories against high-caliber teams like USC in his five years, Weis's chances to prove that he can lead Notre Dame to the top might be all used up without a win this weekend against the Trojans.

Special Report

Defending Mary Ann Glendon

By 5.4.09

For not allowing herself to be used by defenders of President Obama's appearance at Notre Dame, the Harvard law professor is being attacked as a tool of the former Bush administration.