Nobel Peace Prize

A Further Perspective

Obama Snookers the Right

By 12.15.09

After Oslo, looking for Mr. Smith in Washington.

The Obama Watch


By 12.11.09

Obama's Sister Souljah moment in Norway.

A Further Perspective

Washington Emolument

By 12.9.09

Tomorrow a foreign government is slipping a big check to the President of the United States -- and he's not even in it for the money.

A Further Perspective

The Precedented Peace Prize

By 10.30.09

Sir Norman Angell won in 1933 for the same reasons Barack Obama has won in 2009.

The Obama Watch

Buying Barack

By 10.16.09

The Norwegian Nobel Committee would end up waiting for Godot if it expected Obama to "accomplish" anything.

Special Report

The Reagan Prize

By 10.13.09

It's time to create an international award for those who really bring peace.

The Obama Watch

Revenge of the Norwegian Nerds

By 10.12.09

Pax Obama in our time.