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Vindicating Mitch McConnell From the New York Times

By on 3.11.14 | 3:07PM

Headlines that Mitch McConnell wants to “crush” the Tea Party are spreading across conservative websites.

But the New York Times article, which quotes McConnell, is—of shock to no one—misleading.

The piece opens by providing a background of 2010 and 2012 Senate races in which conservative activist groups supported Tea Party candidates able to succeed in primaries, but unelectable in general races.

The Times identifies groups such as the Senate Conservatives Fund, the Madison Project, and FreedomWorks as similar players in 2014 Senate campaigns. In Kentucky, Kansas, and Mississippi, Tea Party candidates, with help from the above-mentioned groups, are opposing incumbents—McConnell being one of them. With those particular races in mind, and without referring to other Tea Party candidates not challenging incumbents like Greg Brannon in North Carolina, McConnell said the following:

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The Most Incredible Story of Resilience Ever to Grace the Pages of the New York Times

By on 2.1.14 | 3:30PM

One day in the foreseeable future, high school students will no longer read Elie Wiesel's Night to learn of the incredible bounds of human resilience. They will instead read the memoir of Vanessa Csordas-Jenkins. They will read, and they will be inspired. Who is Vanessa Csordas-Jenkins, you might ask? Only the subject of the most harrowing story you will ever read in the New York Times. Csordas-Jenkins suffered indignities that no human being should ever have to suffer. And she did so with grace and dignity that only be described as vintage Csordas-Jenkins.

Our story begins with Ms. Csordas-Jenkins, a junior at NYU, relegated to slumming it in a dorm building because her plans to live off campus with friends in trendy Brooklyn fell through. That alone would be enough to stop most sane people in their tracks. But she soldiered on. Unfortunately, the dorm was too noisy for her liking because she "needs to be a healthy person." So she fled those inhumane conditions. It was the moral equivalent of fleeing the gulag.

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Except Where Climate Change is Concerned

By on 2.2.11 | 10:02AM

The New York Times, in its report this morning about the massive snowstorm covering much of the U.S., begins with:

A paralyzing 2,000-mile swath of winter at its snowy, icy, messy worst pushed eastward across the United States on Tuesday, disrupting the rhythms of everyday life and punctuating this season's recurring lesson that humankind has no dominion over nature.

I'm sure that last phrase was purely accidental.

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The Amazing Revkin: Unshackled

By on 9.8.10 | 11:13AM

Freed from the need to feign journalistic objectivity, former New York Times global warming reporter Andrew Revkin -- author of two slutty (but fawning) takes on climate dogma -- has made his way to the op-ed page. Channeling Tom Friedman, today the Amazing Revkin focuses on all this crazy weather (which is not climate) we've seen lately:

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Blamethrowers Ignited in Congress This Morning

By on 5.11.10 | 11:22AM

On the main site today I ruminate on the Gulf oil leak and BP's inability (so far) to stop the gush, while speculating how heavy a hit the company may take financially.
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What a Bunch of Krupp-ola

By on 3.26.10 | 5:24PM

The New York Times reports that cap-and-trade as energy policy is dead, and does not mentionClimategate (and subsequent Warming Scandalgates) anywhere as a cause.
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Or You Could Sell Ice to Eskimos

By on 3.10.10 | 6:24AM

The Boston Herald is having fun with its rival this morning, after The Globe's Web site,, posted an offer to purchase Yankees tickets yesterday.
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Frank Rich: The Theater Critic as (False) Prophet

By on 3.1.10 | 7:26AM

My own column today isn't the only pushback against Frank Rich's Sunday smear of the Tea Party movement. Ron Radosh, Ed Driscoll and John Hinderaker also take Rich to task.

One particularly brutal rejoinder comes from Noel Sheppard of the Media Research Center's Newsbusters blog. Sheppard notes that one year ago, Rich wrote a column about "pseudopopulism," in which the New York Times columnist declared that the response to Rick Santelli's CNBC "tea party" rant had "fizzled." Sheppard writes:

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