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Is Christie Vindictive?

By on 1.9.14 | 3:46PM

Daniel Larison is less sanguine than I am about Chris Christie’s apology:

The lane closure episode ought to be a flashing warning light to Christie backers that their original assessment of his competence was likely very wrong, but so far that doesn’t appear to be what is happening. … His boosters in the party have ignored any possible liabilities that Christie could have, and by remaining oblivious or indifferent to his flaws (or pretending that those flaws are admirable qualities) they have convinced themselves that he is a more formidable candidate than really is. Having elevated Christie to the position of the default “establishment” candidate, his backers are to some extent stuck with supporting him for lack of an alternative.


Revolutions in Unlikely Places

By 1.2.14

Once George Washington positioned his cannons at the top of King and Queen Streets in Trenton, the Hessians soldiers never could get their footing. This much was apparent to visitors and local residents who witnessed “living history” in the form of re-enactment ceremonies that retraced the two Battles of Trenton, which rejuvenated the American Revolution.

That’s right, there were two battles. After crossing the Delaware River on Christmas night in 1776, Washington’s Continental Army surprised the Hessians who were staying in what is now the Old Barracks Museum and in other homes throughout Trenton. He re-crossed again four days later to confront the full brunt of the British Army led by General Charles Cornwallis. That’s the part that’s not so widely known.

D.C. Repels a Good Man

By on 11.7.13 | 10:41AM

Rep. Jon Runyan has announced that he will not seek a third term in Congress representing New Jersey’s third district. Runyan was a Pro Bowl offensive tackle for the Philadelphia Eagles for many years and it was that popularity that carried him to Congress in South Jersey.

As an Eagles fan and a Jersey guy, I was thrilled that Runyan got involved in politics. I fondly remember seeing him walking to work between New Jersey Ave and Second Street SE, and marveling at how much larger he was than any other congressman or staffer. The overly optimistic part of me hoped he could push around some of those D.C. insiders like he did defensive linemen.

Chris Christie’s Reelection is a Good Thing

By on 11.7.13 | 9:06AM

Chris Christie won reelection in dominant fashion on Tuesday, and beat his opponent by a margin of 60-36 percent. In a state with 700,000 more Democrats than Republicans, this is a major victory.

However, there are some in the conservative movement who will tell you this is a bad thing and that Christie is no true conservative. Nominate the most conservative candidate and he will always win, they say. I wonder if Ken Cuchinelli would agree.

The truth is, Christie’s victory is excellent news for conservatives and educational on how the party can be successful. One need not agree with all of Christie’s policies in order to learn from him. First, let’s dive into the positive. Christie is a pro-free market, pro-life, and union-fighting Republican. As my colleague Matt Purple has pointed out, his record is fantastic:

The Sandy Man Can

By on 11.5.13 | 3:21PM

As a Politico piece aptly stated, “New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s romp to reelection began with a storm.” Now it’s Election Day in New Jersey and, it’s true, the question that is being posed is not whether Christie will be reelected as governor but by how much.

Who is Barbara Buono? Well, that seems to be the key problem for her campaign.

Chris Christie has a persona—a Jersey charm, if there ever was one—that has made him a household name to even the most casual observer of politics, and particularly since Hurricane Sandy. Given the 85 percent approval rating of his post-disaster work, we may presume that his positive numbers to this day are due in part to his proactive response during that time of crisis.

Christie Takes Down Global Warming Paranoia

By on 3.25.10 | 2:32PM

New Jersey's new Republican governor, Chris Christie, is dismantling the global warming alarmists' infrastructure that was installed by his predecessor, Democrat Jon Corzine, and progressive Web site is deeply saddened.

The Nation's Pulse

Out of Chalk

By 2.11.10

Public-employee compensation packages are unsustainable -- as public school teachers are now finding out.

Washington Prowler

Jersey Dogs

By 6.12.09

A White House and House Democrat effort to embarrass Republican gubernatorial candidate Chris Christie. (Updated -- twice.)

Campaign Crawlers

Moderation Is No Virtue

By 5.20.09

At least not for a conservative who needs to make the case that he is the most electable Republican gubernatorial candidate in New Jersey.