New Hampshire

Scott Brown Narrowly Avoids New Hampshire Pumpkin Riot

By on 10.20.14 | 3:30PM

This weekend, the sleepy town of Keene, New Hampshire descended into chaos as the city's 24th annual Pumpkin Festival dissolved into all-night riots, thanks to some local college students who don't place a value on having a supply of intact liquor bottles ahead of the New Hampshire winter. The students, who were apparently attending house parties organized by a party-planning group that encourages attendees to do crazy things in pursuit of Internet fame, turned a normally low-key event into a full-on, pumpkin-flinging melee, with flipped cars, bonfires, thrown bottles, uprooted signs, 30 injuries and a visit from the governor Maggie Hassan, who apparently has nothing else to worry about.

Worst of all, they almost got New Hampshire Republican Senate candidate Scott Brown. 

State Watch

New England’s Blue-State Blues

By 7.25.14

They call it the “Texas Miracle,” though California doesn’t think there’s anything heavenly about it. Texas’s economic boom, driven by low taxes and a business-friendly regulatory climate under the cocksure leadership of Governor Rick Perry, is the envy of the rest of the country. There’s a running joke that California’s biggest export is its own people, headed straight for the Lone Star State.

But it’s not just California that has the blue-state blues. Outside the West Coast, the most cerulean part of the country is the Northeast, and specifically New England, the six-state region once bound together by Puritan values, now bound together by mandatory sex education classes. But while New England has embraced looser social values, economically it’s a case study in high taxes, obscene spending, and coercive regulations.

Can Scott Brown Win in New Hampshire?

By on 3.17.14 | 2:01PM

As a Massachusetts native, I was very engaged in Scott Brown’s underdog Senate race and surprising victory in 2010.

Ted Kennedy’s dynastic seat was open and Brown stepped in the way of another Democrat’s chance to sit on his throne. He won 52 percent of the vote, leaving attorney general Martha Coakley and the rest of the Democrat-controlled state stunned. As a young Republican in a very blue state, I rejoiced. Although my county has always leaned right, I was surprised and excited by Brown's success.

The hammer fell in 2012 when Elizabeth Warren won back control of the seat, much to the disappointment of any conservatives still surviving in Massachusetts.

I sighed, left for college, and enjoyed my brief escape from Massachusetts politics.

Then on Friday I was scrolling through my Twitter feed only to find a snapshot of the top half of Scott Brown’s college centerfold tweeted out by Buzzfeed Benny. The explanation for this sudden assault on my work-friendly viewing? Brown is running again – this time in New Hampshire.