Dems Calling MSNBC To Find Out About President Obama

By on 11.11.14 | 1:08PM

The President has gone underground, at least as far as Congressional Democrats are concerned. 

While they were once such good friends, now, it turns out, he never calls, he never writes, he never sends flowers, and he most certainly never appraises them of his legislative agenda. According to MSNBC this morning, Congressional Democrats have actually be calling the cable news station, just in case their sources at the White House has heard something they haven't.

How terribly sad. I bet the Senate Democrats get lonely in their little offices, just pining away for a phone call from the President. It's almost too much to bear. 

The funny thing is, the White House still wonders why Congressional Democrats didn't run on the President's agenda. Considering this new information, it might not even be that they disagreed with it. It might be because they just didn't know what the hell was going on.

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MSNBC: Jim Crow TV

By 2.6.14

What were you expecting?

We refer here to that dustup last week over an official MSNBC pre-Super Bowl tweet about a Cheerios commercial that featured a bi-racial family. 

The tweet read:

Maybe the rightwing will hate it, but everyone else will go awww: the adorable new #Cheerios ad w/ biracial family,

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus picked up the phone and protested directly to MSNBC president Phil Griffin. Griffin apologized, the tweet was deleted and the employee fired.

Nothing to see here, folks, move on.

Not so fast.

Again, what were you expecting? What else could possibly make some MSNBC employee post such an incredibly racist slur? How about the reality — voluminously documented over two centuries — that the American Left is and always has been a racist sewer? Why else would an employee of this network that notoriously advertises its addiction to Jim Crow — judging by skin color — think he could write such garbage and get kudos from the boss?

Meet MSNBC. Better described as Jim Crow TV.

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Rachel Maddow Is Smirking

By 1.22.14

Rachel Maddow is smirking today. That, of course, doesn’t distinguish this from any other day. Maddow’s smirk has become part of her now-predictable style, along with the chirpy delivery, the dressing-up of partisanship as wonky pragmatism, and the endless repetitious snark after playing clips. (“What was the name of the act there? Hoot-Smawley? Known to everyone else as Smoot-Hawley?”) But Maddow has particular reason to be self-satisfied today. Chris Christie is trailing Hillary Clinton in a new poll by eight points, thanks to the Bridgegate scandal that Maddow’s network, MSNBC, has been covering relentlessly.

Oscar Nominations: MSNBC Anchor Looks Into Her Crystal Ball, Sees Sexism

By on 1.17.14 | 3:01PM

As The Spectator's own Emily Zanotti covered yesterday, it's that magical time of year when those who toil in the normally unrewarding and altruistic film industry take time away from the hustle and bustle of Tinseltown to recognize...themselves. The Golden Globes are nearly one week behind us, but those who long for the high glamour of Hollywood award shows need not fret. The Academy Award nominations are out.

On Progressives, Tampon Earrings, and Pasta Strainers

By on 1.10.14 | 3:10PM

An interesting debate has been brewing these past few days over what it means to be a public intellectual—an honorific job description which I can imagine my intelligent but practical mother rolling her eyes at.

Ta-Nehisi Coates at The Atlantic wrote a piece on Monday dubbing MSNBC host and political scientist Melissa Harris-Perry "the smartest nerd in the room" and "America's foremost public intellectual."

Re: Olbermann Suspended

By on 11.6.10 | 9:52AM

Here's how the New York Times begins its coverage of the suspension of the "Countdown" host:

Keith Olbermann, the leading liberal voice on American television in the age of Obama, was suspended Friday after his employer, MSNBC, discovered he made campaign contributions to three Democrats last month.

The leading liberal voice? Mr. No Ratings often gets fewer viewers than the MSNBC host that follows him, Rachel Maddow. But calling anybody on that network a "leading voice" on anything is a joke. Anybody ever heard of Oprah?

Blankley Schools MSNBC Host

By on 8.10.10 | 4:27PM

As I've written before, I try to avoid blogging about MSNBC stuff because the viewership size doesn't justify the effort, but sometimes it's worth it to cite examples of how off-the-wall the Left can be -- not that we need many reminders.

Dear Rachel Maddow…

By on 5.16.10 | 4:58PM

Ever since the MSNBC host's denunciation of a Tim James TV ad catapulted James to superstar status in the Alabama GOP gubernatorial primary, the Rachel Maddow Threshold (RMT) has become the new gold standard in conservative campaign advertising.

In one of the delicious ironies of the Obama Age, Republican consultants are conspiring feverishly to produce TV commercials that exceed the RMT and get their candidates condemned on the Liberal Network No One Ever Watches.

All of which is to explain why Dale Peterson is now odds-on favorite to become the nation's most famous candidate for state agriculture commissioner. At the gossip site Gawker, Adrien Chen says: "This spot . . . makes James look like a gay Commie terrorist."

Click here to watch it.

Time for Matthews to Go

By on 2.2.10 | 10:00AM

 try to avoid commenting about or rebuking Leftists, especially those on television networks whosetiny viewership reflects their extremism, but Chris Matthews on Friday blurted a remark so ridiculous and so offensive that it ought to cost him his job -- even at bottom-scraping MSNBC.