Threatens Boycott of Obama Re-Election

By on 7.8.11 | 1:13PM

Democrats are reportedly playing word games to spin President Obama's offer of Social Security benefit reductions in return for Republican agreement on closing a few tax loopholes in the debt-ceiling budget negotiations. But while the White House has tried to portray the GOP as stubbornly intractable right-wing extremists beholden to the ultra-rich, the real problem is that Obama has limited room for maneuver because of serious problems with his own left-wing supporters. is now threatening to boycott the president's re-election campaign:

New Video Shows Activist Lunging at Rand Paul’s Vehicle

By on 10.27.10 | 7:42PM

In my column this morning about Monday's stomping incident in Kentucky, I said "the whole story of this incident has not yet been told." A bit more of the story came out today when Red State posted video that shows what happened before the now-notorious stomping. The video shows activist Lauren Valle lunging toward Republican Senate candidate Rand Paul's vehicle, thrusting her sign through the vehicle's open window.

Red State is quick to say, "You don't stomp on a person's head." Indeed. But as Red State also says, "the idea that Valle was the victim of an angry mob . . . is demonstrably false. . . . She claims to have been an innocent bystander. She clearly was not." Targets Georgia ‘Blue Dog’ Democrat John Barrow?

By on 4.4.10 | 12:55AM

Left-wing rage over Georgia Rep. John Barrow's vote against ObamaCare has reportedly prompted the powerful political action committee to target him for defeat in this year's Democratic primary.

Barrow was among those "Blue Dog" Democrats slammed last summer by radio ads that said when he "recently had a chance to help fix our health care crisis . . . [he] sided with the special interests and insurance companies." Sources in Georgia tell the American Spectator that's PAC has already purchased time on Savannah stations for more anti-Barrow ads.