The Military Doesn’t Protect Our Freedoms? Really?

By on 11.12.13 | 2:46PM

Every few months, a radical leftist emerges from his faculty office or coffee shop to “bravely” pen an anti-military screed—almost always wrapped around condescension directed against those simple-minded Americans who “uncritically” (their word) support soldiers who have volunteered to defend our nation.

The latest edition of this faux “speak truth to power” nonsense comes from Salon and was published (of course) on Veteran’s Day.  Justin Doolittle, a “freelance writer from Long Island” believes our military does not, in fact, “protect our freedoms.” Using tributes to troops at major sporting events as a launching pad, he takes issue with Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbard’s common-sense statement that our troops are “protecting our country, they’re protecting the world, and, you know, obviously we wouldn’t have freedom without them.”

Doolittle’s response:

U.S. Must Be Prepared to Face Unexpected Threats, Retired General Warns

By on 4.26.13 | 5:48PM

COLUMBUS, Georgia -- Reductions in U.S. military forces could leave America vulnerable to future threats, a retired general warned in a speech Friday.

"It is absolutely unacceptable for leaders in Washington not to be prepared for the unexpected," retired Army Lt. Gen. R.L. "Sam" Wetzel said in an address during graduation ceremonies for infantry troops at Fort Benning.

Wetzel, who first saw combat as a company commander in the Korean War, remarked that America's historic pattern is for military decreases in times of peace, followed by unexpected crises caused by enemy attacks like Pearl Harbor, which plunged the U.S. into  World War II, and the Communist invasion that began the Korean War.

Wetzel, 82, noted the current threat from North Korea -- which has developed ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons -- and especially the danger of a nuclear-armed Iran. He said the current problem posed by Islamic radicalism can be traced to the Ayatollah Khomeini's 1979 revolution in Iran.


His Cheatin’ Heart

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Living With the Clintons: Bill's Arkansas bodyguards tell the story the press missed.

The Recession Military

By on 10.14.09 | 1:40PM

The Washington Post pointed out yesterday that the previously unannounced deployment of 13,000 support troops to Afghanistan "exacerbates the strain on the force." While the burdens on soldiers are still high, the recession economy has eased that strain to a large extent. The Washington Times this reported this morning that the U.S. Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force sent 169,000 new troops for training in the previous fiscal year. Of these, 96% are high school graduates.

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It’s the Culture, Stupid

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Barack Obama remains extremely vulnerable on a battleground where John McCain should be routing him.

Don’t Know Much About History

By on 10.8.08 | 10:25AM

When asked by Tom Brokaw last night to give his criteria for use of American military power for humanitarian purposes, Obama said the Holocaust would have been a good reason to intervene.

Could Obama be such a historical illiterate that he doesn't know the allies DID use military force to liberate the Nazi death camps? When the camps were liberated, more than 11 million Americans were in uniform.

A stumble like this by Sarah Palin would have earned her a Dan Quayle de-merit badge, and would have sent Maureen Dowd into full sneer.

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He was saved last night only because Barack Obama was just as mediocre. Does he have any fight left?

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