Mike Huckabee

Huckabee Continues to Dodge on Entitlement Reform

By on 7.21.15 | 1:24PM

Yet again, as a guest with Neil Cavuto on Fox Business, presidential hopeful and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee was asked about reforming Social Security in order to help it avoid insolvency. And yet again, he used a straw man argument to dodge the question.

Huckabee said that he is not interested in changing the Social Security system because "I don't think you can tell somebody who's worked for 51 years and had their check taken out involuntarily that 'Oh by the way, we lied to you, we stole from you, and we're going to stick it to you one more time.' I just think that's not something you push on people who have worked a lifetime and you blame them for government screwing up."

Huckabee's argument is a straw man designed to let him avoid a difficult discussion.

Nobody is proposing changing terms of Social Security for those in or even near retirement.

To say that he's against changing the deal for someone "who's worked for 51 years" is meaningless. Nobody is for that.

And we don't need to change the deal for those in or near retirement to help this federal Ponzi scheme survive at least another generation or two.

Mike Huckabee Makes Beyonce First Target of 2016 Campaign

By on 1.12.15 | 12:52PM

Like all potential 2016 Presidential candidates worth the cardboard they're printed on, Mike Huckabee will release a book detailing his life story, his political intentions and his feelings about subjects of great importance to the American public. The book, whose not-at-all-pandering title is God, Guns, Grits and Gravy, will utilize Huckabee's "straight shootin' style," will deliver a "realistic yet optimistic approach to moving America forward," and will feature the former governor in as many button-down plaid shirts as possible.

His first target in the war on everything that is ripping America apart at the seams? Beyonce.

Because, obviously.

The former Arkansas governor and Fox News talk-show host – a conservative Republican and musician himself who knows how to get attention – is coming out with a new book, new book God, Guns, Grits and Gravy in which he levels a scalding review of Jay Z and Beyoncé and their explicitly steamy "Drunk in Love" duet at the Grammys. 

If Huckabee Runs, We All Lose

By on 1.5.15 | 12:08PM

Aaron is much more conciliatory toward, and much less overtly terrified at the thought of a Mike Huckabee Presidential campaign. I do not share his remarkable confidence that our esteemed electorate will not happily embrace the guitar-toting Southern progressive with what is left of their hearts and minds after a long and arduous primary season.

People, let's be real. Mike Huckabee, and Rick Santorum for that matter, aren't really Republicans. I mean, as a RINO heathen, I can obviously spot another of my species, and these two are it, though, while I'm teetering on the edge of full social anarchy, these two are the type of moderate Democrat who thinks that it would be totally appropriate to pass out a national survey on sex lives and nutritional habits, and then follow up with state-mandate counseling sessions if you so much as mentioned a Lover's Lane catalog or a preference for chicken nuggets. And while I ascribe to Rick Santorum's traditionalist Catholic religious beliefs, I can't honestly say I support someone who would create that much paperwork.

Megyn Kelly Says What We’re All Thinking About Mike Huckabee

By on 11.11.14 | 3:59PM

I kind of love her. 

The former Arkansas governor was most recently in the news when he threatened to leave the GOP over growing national support for gay marriage, which is, quite honestly, not an argument against the growing support of gay marriage. Since most of his followers consider themselves GOP, so far, he hasn't followed through on his promise to burn his party loyalty card.

Megyn Kelly says she feels bad about the incident, but she shouldn't. She was just saying what we've all been secretly saying for years. 

Huckabee, America, and Sodom and Gomorrah

By on 3.7.14 | 11:37AM

Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee gave a standard-issue conservative speech at CPAC this morning, trashing the NSA, Obamacare, abortion, and all forms of government overreach.

He also focused heavily on his belief in God, the Christian heritage of America, and our national defense. He even quoted Billy Graham’s wife Ruth:

If God doesn’t punish America, He’ll have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.