Mike Castle

Daddy’s Little Princess

By on 9.26.10 | 7:22PM

Hat tip to the Wall Street Journal's John Fund for the head's up on this campaign ad by Let Freedom Ring, which criticizes Sen. Lisa Murkowski over her write-in campaign after she lost the Alaska Republican primary to newcomer Joe Miller. It reminds voters that she got her seat because her daddy, former Gov. Frank Murkowski, gave it to her in the first place. Maybe there will be more like it targeting Florida GOP reject Charlie Crist and temporarily defeated Delaware Rep. Mike Castle.

Re: ‘Intolerant,’ the Intolerant Cried

By on 9.17.10 | 12:01AM

Seems to me the GOP establishment, if they really believed O'Donnell was an unsuitable candidate, then they should have gone out and recruited a conservative who was suitable to them and that the Tea Partiers could support. They failed.

They've known about the Tea Party anger for how long now? For all the kingmaking power they think they have, and as conservative as they want people to think they are, why didn't they just go find the right guy or gal? The heads of the NRCC and NRSC do that all the time. Their job is to recruit candidates who have a good chance of winning, but they didn't here, because they wanted to endorse the liberal Castle instead. They thought they were entitled to decide who the nominee would be, and they were wrong. Wake up call!

They shouldn't blame the Tea Partiers for their own laziness.

The Delaware Senate Primary Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test

By on 9.3.10 | 10:02PM

ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- Labor Day weekend this year is to Republican panic what Haight-Ashbury in summer 1967 was to "flower power." Here I am off on the other side of the continent to cover Joe Miller's upset of Lisa Murkowski, while everybody back east has suddenly gone zonkers over the Delaware GOP Senate primary.

Mellow out, dudes.

Five weeks ago, I spent a couple of days shadowing Christine O'Donnell and her campaign team at the Right Online Conference and even did a brief video interview with her. She struck me as a perfectly plausible candidate. She's much more conservative -- and incomparably more telegenic -- than Mike Castle. What's not to like?

Yet behold the hysteria she's generated among Republicans who are running amok on the Internet, shouting at the top of their lungs that O'Donnell is the worst thing to happen to the GOP since Spiro Agnew.