Michael Mann

Elite Science’s Selective Outrage

By on 6.29.11 | 8:53PM

Today the board of directors of American Association for the Advancement of Science announced they'd had enough of scrutiny of the pioneers of global warming propagandism, particularly when it comes to the work of Climategater Michael Mann and the hockey stick chart he made up (flatlining the Medieval Warming Period) when he was at the University of Virginia, and also the outside wealthmaking of NASA stargazer Dr. James Hansen.

Court Orders U. of Virginia to Produce Michael Mann Documents

By on 5.25.11 | 11:35AM

As I mentioned last week, the American Tradition Institute's Environmental Law Center took the University of Virginia to court yesterday in Prince William County to ask a judge to force the release of documents of Climategate scientist Michael Mann, from his tenure there years ago. We asked for the records more than four months ago. Our court hearing was yesterday.

As you will see in this excerpt from our press release today, UVA has been less than cooperative:

Bird Brains and Others Defend Michael Mann

By on 4.15.11 | 2:30PM

Yesterday a dozen liberal and academic (but I repeat myself) groups rose in defense of Penn State Climategate scientist Michael Mann, making up reasons such as "academic freedom" to deny American Tradition Institute's request for Mann's emails and records from the University of Virginia, his previous employer. ATI, where I am executive director, is asking for similar records that Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has asked for under the state's Fraud Against Taxpayers Act, but has been denied so far by the university and lower courts.

Mann: From Transparency Champion to ‘Bully’ Victim

By on 1.7.11 | 1:10PM

As Chris Horner blogged yesterday, the Environmental Law Center at American Tradition Institute (where I am executive director) has requested under the state's Freedom of Information Act that the University of Virginia turn over documents and emails related to public grants sought by "hockey stick" scientist Michael Mann, who moved over to Penn State University a few years ago. UVA has been resisting (spending about $500,000 on outside lawyers for the effort) a similar, previous request by Attorney General Kenneth Cuccinelli, who is investigating Mann under the Fraud Against Taxpayers Act.

Lib Blogger: Michael Mann ‘Reaps What He Sows’

By on 7.23.10 | 2:36PM

That journ-uh-list (and global warming believer) would be Gregg Easterbrook, blogging for Reuters, in a longer post that for the most part is an eulogy to the recently passed Stephen Schneider. As would be expected he remembers Schneider for qualities that were absent to skeptics, and he blathers about how the Climategate scientists had their correspondence "stolen," but he also hits a few points that will have some climate realists nodding in agreement.

A ‘Joke’ Impossible to Parody

By on 7.14.10 | 4:05PM

The Wite-Out was barely dry on the Climategate investigations of the University of East Anglia Climatic Research Unit and Penn State hockey stick creator Michael Mann last week when environoiacs (including Mann himself) trumpeted "exoneration" and demanded apologies to those who were scrutinized.

Climategate’s Wite-Out Week

By on 7.7.10 | 2:28PM

Less than seven days ago Penn State University finished their Bic Brand Wite-Out Quick Dry Correction Fluid job (hey, I had to find an alternative to the overused "whitewash") on an "investigation" of Climategate hockey stick constructionist Michael Mann, finishing the exoneration they started work onearlier this year.

Cause for Alarmists

By on 6.1.10 | 4:41PM

Southern California's public radio station, KPCC, and its program "Marketplace" will host a daylong townhall Webcast next Wednesday to salve the wounded psyches of global warming paranoiacs everywhere. The symposium is entitled "Climate and Sustainability: Moving By Degrees," and is "aimed at bringing together journalists and the public online and at Southern California Public Radio’s (SCPR) Crawford Family Forum to decipher fact from fiction, to learn how our scientific understanding has evolved, and to understand where politics, science and business agree and diverge on how to create a sustainable future."