Meg Whitman

California Scheming: GOP Grassroots vs. Meg Whitman

By on 8.19.10 | 4:25PM

Going into this weekend's California GOP convention in San Diego, the San Francisco Chronicle reports that conservative Republicans are at odds with gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman's moderate stances on illegal immigration and environmental regulation. The article also notes that Whitman is doing nothing to change the widespread perception of her as regally aloof:

Whitman plans a public event Friday outside the convention, but after an address to delegates that evening she has no plans to stay through the weekend to schmooze with ardent party supporters at hospitality suites, caucuses, seminars and meet-and-greet sessions.

In a report Monday, I noted that some California Republicans "harbor deep doubts" about Whitman. One activist told me that Whitman's arms-length relationship with the GOP grassroots is "a repeat of Schwarzenegger all over again," referring to the current Republican governor's disinterest in party-building activities.