Obamacare’s Options: Medicaid Expansion in the States

By on 3.6.13 | 5:15PM

One outcome of the Supreme Court's June 2012 health care ruling is that the federal government cannot force states to expand Medicaid. And yet, as of last week, 24 states have volunteered to do so.

What is driving some states to expand a program that is a perennial source of budgetary pressure? In a new paper, Mercatus Center scholar and Social Security/Medicare Trustee Charles Blahous analyzes the factors facing state officials. These include budgetary circumstances, the structure of the Medicaid program and how it is affected by the provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and other subjective judgements at work.

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The Public Policy

Medicaid Freedom of Choice

By and From the June 2012 issue

Perhaps the most arresting way to illustrate the breakdown of Medicaid is to explain how a 12-year-old Maryland boy died of a toothache.

Medicaid, the national entitlement program for the poor, is supposed to ensure that no one suffers without essential health care for lack of money. But because the program pays doctors and hospitals only about 60 percent of what they normally charge, Medicaid patients face grave difficulties obtaining timely and essential care, and suffer worse health outcomes as a result.

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The Right Prescription

Health Care Overhaul Threatens States

By 7.14.09

The Democrats’ proposed health care overhaul raises federalism concerns and burdens cash-strapped states with hundreds of billions of dollars in new spending obligations.
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The Right Prescription

The Republican Health Care Alternative

By 5.20.09

Today, Sens. Tom Coburn and Richard Burr and Reps. Paul Ryan and Devin Nunes introduce the Patients' Choice Act -- the best Republican alternative to Democrat socialized medicine.
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The Public Policy

Pink Ribbon Reality

By 10.30.08

Candidates can't fight breast cancer while blocking life-saving treatments.
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McCain Veers Off

By on 10.7.08 | 9:33PM

Asked about fixing Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, McCain says we can fix all three at the same time, but then starts talking about energy independence.

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Not So Fast


Walk at your own chosen speed. Nero was a Republican. Chicken Little tactics. Media maniacs. No longer a republic. Plus more.
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