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Blankley Schools MSNBC Host

By on 8.10.10 | 4:27PM

As I've written before, I try to avoid blogging about MSNBC stuff because the viewership size doesn't justify the effort, but sometimes it's worth it to cite examples of how off-the-wall the Left can be -- not that we need many reminders.
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What Does the Bible Say About Global Warming?

By on 5.20.10 | 2:24PM

Answer: Nothing, as theologian Cal Beisner explained on Tuesday at the Fourth International Conference on Climate Change, hosted by the Heartland Institute. 
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Time for Matthews to Go

By on 2.2.10 | 10:00AM

 try to avoid commenting about or rebuking Leftists, especially those on television networks whosetiny viewership reflects their extremism, but Chris Matthews on Friday blurted a remark so ridiculous and so offensive that it ought to cost him his job -- even at bottom-scraping MSNBC.
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