More Citizens United Fallout

By on 10.19.10 | 11:39AM

The landmark case that overturned key components of McCain-Feingold -- namely, bans on campaign contributions by businesses and unions -- has been trickling down in challenges to similar state laws including Wisconsin, Minnesota, and yesterday, Montana. The Western Tradition Partnership (called "secretive" and "nasty" by the fair-and-balanced Associated Press) and two other small business plaintiffs challenged a 1912 state law that prohibited the financing of electoral campaigns by corporations:

District Judge Jeffrey Sherlock of Helena tossed out the 1912 Corrupt Practices Act - a throwback to a time when the public rebelled with a voter-backed initiative against the "Copper Kings" and their hold on state politics. That law prohibited corporations from making independent political expenditures.

AP: Johnson’s Calamitous Comment on Climate

By on 9.10.10 | 4:41PM

The Associated Press yesterday focused on the Wisconsin Senate race between incumbent Democrat Russ Feingold (I thought his name was McCain Feingold?) and Republican challenger Ron Johnson, in which the three-termer declared himself the underdog. The article addresses Johnson's wealth, his willingness to spend on his campaign, and his message, which seems to have helped him attain a tie in polls.

But reporters Scott Bauer and Dinesh Ramde say there have been missteps! For example:

Johnson's campaign has stumbled on occasion. He drew scorn last month when he said he "absolutely (does) not believe" in the science of man-caused climate change.

"It's far more likely that it's just sunspot activity or just something in the geologic eons of time," he said.

Oh my! Can he possibly overcome such a blunder?

Constitutional Opinions

Money Business

By 9.11.09

Efforts to keep corporations and the wealthy from influencing politics will fail as long as the government hands out so many goodies.