Martha Coakley

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The People’s Seat

By 1.20.10

Scott Brown claimed it as Massachusetts voters reminded Washington and Beacon Hill who's boss.

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Bay State Revolt

By 1.19.10

Can Scott Brown follow in the populist conservative footsteps of Massachusetts' Republican class of 1990?

A Further Perspective

Massachusetts’ Granite State

By 1.19.10

Can Brown do in Mass. what Democrats did in NH? 

Coakley Supporters Try to Intimidate

By on 1.18.10 | 10:30PM

At a Teamsters hall rally in Springfield today for Democratic Senatorial candidate Martha Coakley, two of her supporters tried to run off a reporter and a videographer who were recording footage outside the event.

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The Scott Heard ‘Round the World

By 1.18.10

Tuesday's Massachusetts election could signal a Revolution.

Special Report

Witchcraft’s Candidate

By 1.18.10

Obama flies in to endorse a bad woman.

A Boston ‘Doh!’

By on 1.16.10 | 11:54AM

Martha Coakley called Red Sox hero Curt Schilling "a Yankee fan" and he was not too happy about it.

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Scott Brown: Winning Nicely

By 1.15.10

The Massachusetts Republican edges close to an upset.

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The Scott Brown Surge

By 1.12.10

Liberals are running scared that a Republican might take Ted Kennedy's Senate seat.