Marriage Laws

The Nation's Pulse

Nuptial Disagreements

By 12.16.09

We're not out of the Woods yet.

The Marital Spectator

D.C. Voting Rights

By 6.30.09

In a battle between civil-rights bureaucrats and black churches, D.C. residents seek a vote on same-sex marriage.

Political Hay

Seesawing Same-Sex Marriage

By 6.4.09

What outcome of the marriage debate is inevitable? Maine and New Hampshire may show the way.

Another Perspective

People of the Plant

By 6.2.09

A parable, translated from the original Latin.

The Obama Watch

The No-Choice President

By 5.19.09

Gallup poll, gay marriage fight provide opening for pro-life movement.

Another Perspective

Carrie On the Tradition

By 5.15.09

Queen Esther would be proud of Miss Prejean.

The Nation's Pulse

Don’t Divorce the Marriage Issue

By 5.13.09

Republican support for traditional marriage is hardly the reason for the GOP's problems.

Political Hay

Twilight in Vermont

By 4.10.09

The debate over same-sex marriage is no longer just about judges.

Lifestyles Left and Right

Domestic Disturbances

By 1.5.09

There's a lot more to the marriage movement than the debate over same-sex matrimony.

The Nation's Pulse

A Good Attorney Is Hard to Find

By 12.22.08

California's Jerry Brown is not the only state attorney general unwilling to defend his state's marriage laws.