Mark Sanford

The Current Crisis

The Palmetto Pathetico

By 9.3.09

Why is the governor of South Carolina still a national news story?

Sanford’s Press Guy Leaving

By on 8.4.09 | 2:33PM

Of course you never know the whole story behind politicos leaving one camp for another, but the timing on this one makes the reasons seem obvious.

I’m Your Friend, Governor!

By on 7.16.09 | 10:37AM

South Carolina's The State newspaper got all of Gov. Mark Sanford's emails (at least those on his government account) and, well, a lot of reporters tried to schmooze him into an exclusive interview during his disappearance last month -- embarrassingly so, as the Washington Post's Howard Kurtz explains.

Another Perspective

GOP Not Alone in Hypocrisy

By 7.6.09

Selective cries of "hypocrite" are intended to silence social conservatives.

Re: Govs. Perry and Sanford

By on 12.2.08 | 1:14PM

Joseph Lawler notes as one of today's "Must Reads" that in a Wall Street Journal piece, Republican Govs. Mark Sanford (S.C.) and Rick Perry (Texas) are "putting their money where their mouth is." Unfortunately in some ways they do not put their actions where their mouths are, primarily when it comes to taxpayer subsidies for individual businesses.