Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio: Barack Obama is the Worst Negotiator Ever

By on 12.17.14 | 4:44PM

The deal brokered to put an end to the US embargo against Cuba and "normalize" diplomatic relations is, at best, controversial. No one can tell for sure who will profit from it, why it was done, why it was done now, and how long it will be before we can aggressively import cigars and classic automobiles. 

What remains more important than that, however, is how the deal was brokered, what we got in it, and whether any part of the deal is ultimately fair to the United States, which has spent half a century building up the embargo in order to crush the Communist regime (which responded, mostly, but crushing it's own people). In return for no longer pretending Cuba doesn't exist except when we need to issue Beyonce a travel visa, which is everything Cuba's been asking for, we get a political prisoner whose name Barack Obama probably didn't even know before November. It seems like a dream come true for the Castros (zombie and not-zombie alike) and bit of a rough deal for anyone who spent the last fifty years or so hiding out from them.

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Rubio’s Middle Ground

By on 3.6.14 | 3:15PM

In his speech at CPAC this morning, Senator Marco Rubio worked hard to find a middle ground between neoconservatives and Rand Paul on foreign policy.

He focused on the global state of the world – bloodshed in Venezuela, China’s overreach, North Korea’s missile power, Putin’s totalitarian control – and asked Americans to remember that all of this global unrest has negative effects on the American economy:

Americans must be involved in leading the world... we cannot ignore the reality of who we are and the global importance of this nation.

He pled with younger Americans to consider what their world will look like in ten years if we do nothing.

But how will he practically influence the world without directly getting involved militarily? He didn’t quite say.

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Rubio’s Muddled Message

By on 12.4.13 | 5:41PM

Yesterday, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) crossed the pond to speak at London’s Chatham House. The speech he gave was intended to honor our “special relationship” with the Brits, while rationalizing a more muscular approach to global engagement.

In the Q&A portion, Rubio sought a via media between the GOP’s hawks (e.g. McCain, Graham, Christie, etc.) and doves (e.g. Paul, Amash, etc.) by declaring the polar paradigm outmoded. In the senator's words, “talk of hawks and doves is 20th-century Cold War language that no longer applies.” Huh.

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Campaign Crawlers

Crist and Rubio Joust

By 3.29.10

If their debate on Fox News Sunday settled anything, it's that there could be a place for Charlie in the Obama cabinet.
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Campaign Crawlers

Florida Bolero

By 3.23.10

The Rubio-Crist race is over -- but the August 24 primary is still a long and dreary, repetitive way off.
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Campaign Crawlers

Crist Implodes

By 3.10.10

Dandy Don, call your office. This party is over -- in the third quarter.
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