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Playing the Racism Card

By 5.14.08

We are "kind of nervous" when it comes to "talking about that."

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McCain Losing in Florida

By 5.5.08

Was this supposed to happen? Now Crist thinks he can be his savior.

Reader Mail

Going for Barack


Tragedy or farce? The new old racism. Also: Electric driving and sticker shock. Tulsa schools. Plus more.

Another Perspective

Backed Into a Corner

By 4.30.08

Rev. Jeremiah Wright has Barack Obama right where he wants him.

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Passover 2008: Israel’s Prospects

By 4.24.08

We're commanded this week to take heart and be merry.

The Nation's Pulse

The Pope in America

By 4.16.08

What will Benedict say to this nation of Protestants and cafeteria Catholics?

The coming campaign

By on 4.15.08 | 11:42AM

This is interesting:

The left-wing blogosphere is declaring an all-out war against the mainstream media - desperately concerned that inside-the-Beltway reporter-love for D.C. fixture McCain is already creating too large a mountain for any Democratic nominee to scale.

"This campaign is not going to be between the Democrats and the Republicans," said Philadelphia's Duncan Black, who writes under the name Atrios and whose highly popular progressive political blog, named Eschaton, inspired the gathering of bloggers and political activists called Eschacon '08.

"It's between the Democrats and the media."

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Benedict’s Big Week

By 4.15.08

The Pauline pope comes to America.

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The Culture of Lincoln

By 4.8.08

The journeys of Strom Thurmond and Jeremiah Wright.

The Judge Issue Works!

By on 4.7.08 | 12:51PM

American Spectator senior editor John Fund has a tremendously important column in today's Wall Street Journal online, about the success of a conservative in ousting an incumbent state supreme court justice in Wisconsin. The narrowness of the conservative's victory should not obscure two facts: 1) In Wisconsin, it is extremely rare for any incumbent judge to lose a re-election fight; and 2) Wisconsin almost never votes GOP for president (although some observers suspect that in EACH of the past two elections, both of them extremely tight, the Dems nabbed the state's electoral votes only through vote fraud and other trickery).