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Batman to the political rescue. Dark thoughts about Dark Knight review. Edwards persists. McCain vs. Moscow. Plus more.

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Batman and Rush: Why McCain Will Win

By 8.19.08

The 2008 election is all over but the shouting as American culture gives game away.

Political Hay

We Got Zeal Too

By 8.14.08

For John McCain, it's Florida or bust.

Buy the Book

Change That’s Unbelievable

By 8.7.08

David Freddoso's book on Barack Obama may be the one we've been waiting for.

Political Hay

Birds of a Feather

By 8.6.08

When it comes to confronting the nation's energy crisis, Barack Obama suffers from Jimmy Carter Malaise.

Among the Intellectualoids

False Messiah

By 8.5.08

Obama supporters prophesy a golden age of peace and love.

Re: John Edwards, Baby Daddy?

By on 7.23.08 | 5:57PM

Asked about the National Enquirer story, Edwards says: " "That's tabloid trash. They're full of lies. I'm here to talk about helping people."

Translation: The story is 100% take-it-to-the-bank true. As Byron York notes, the Enquirer probably paid sources to get the story, but the reporting looks solid. If the account of him being caught in a hotel rendezvous with Rielle Hunter was false, Edwards wouldn't be changing the subject, he'd be suing.

Mickey Kaus, who's been all over the Edwards-Hunter story from the beginning, wonders if the mainstream media can continue to ignore this story.

Looking For A Fox To Guard This Here Henhouse

By on 7.11.08 | 11:31AM

Mark Warner has developed a new end run around what minor-but-pesky criticism he receives from the media--start his own wire service where campaign apparatchiks more sycophantic than the average mainstream media reporter can compose the news more to his liking. From the press release:

There are so many blogs and news outlets covering Mark Warner's Senate race that sometimes it's tough to keep up. That's why today, we're rolling a, a place you can go to find the best, most up-to-date information on Mark's campaign.

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Obama's selling; they're buying. Single-payer socialism. Old Dominion disgrace. Playing possum. Plus more.

Karl Rove on Obama’s Hubris

By on 6.26.08 | 11:44PM

The Architect sketches the blueprint for the image he wants Republicans to construct for Barack Obama:

The candidate's self-centeredness has been on display before. Having effectively sewed up the Democratic nomination, he could have agreed to seat the Florida and Michigan delegations (states Hillary Clinton had carried). While reducing his lead by 50 to 55 delegates, it would not have altered the outcome. But Mr. Obama supported cutting these battleground-state delegations in half. At a time when magnanimity was called for, the candidate decided he'd strut.

Rove calls for John McCain to "paint his opponent as someone driven by an all-powerful instinct to look out only for himself," but I doubt McCain would make such attacks himself. His Republican surrogates can be expected to push that portrayal, however, and the question will be whether Obama keeps making moves that will cause the mainstream media to incorporate this image -- the Democrat as an arrogant, selfish, narcissistic elitist -- into their narrative.