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Credit Where It’s Due


Seven safe years. Loving the sinner. Booming economist Tyrrell. Klein's warning holds up. Plus more.

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Silly Sally


Would you like to be Quinn for a day? European airs. Throw out the playbook. General Admiral McCain. Signing off. Plus more.

Special Report

Memories of Wasilla

By 9.5.08

It's a tough place all right.

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Poetry in Motion


Sarah Palin's power. Surges, home and abroad. Miked-up Murphy. Peggy's faux pas. Lots of Roush stuff. Plus more.

Among the Intellectualoids


By 9.3.08

A teen pregnancy the cultural left doesn't find heartwarming.

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The Leave Baby Alone Coalition


Clamoring for (the other) McCain's head. Also: Bush: a retrospective. Lord knows the difference. Roush roused. Plus more.

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One Reason Alone


This is what it means to be a Dem. As Obama's luck would have it. On Heath Shuler's side. Dream lineup. Kent State debate reignites. Plus more.

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Memorable Reunions


Veterans remembered -- and abandoned. Dems need new playbook. Down to earth. Ranch reflections. Bowman and Batman: a treatise. Paul DeSisto. Plus more.

Political Hay

Orange Blossom Politics

By 8.20.08

Florida is more important to Obama and McCain than it is to Fay.

Campaign Crawlers

Overrated Obama

By 8.20.08

The increasing gap between Hope and reality.