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Wising Up With George Soros

By 10.8.08

A very good perspective on the current meltdown -- though watch your back.

The Nation's Pulse

Free Speech in the Era of Obama

By 10.8.08

Obama's supporters sharpen their police state tactics.

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In the Tank for President Kerry

By 10.7.08

The New York Times and the 2004 media narrative designed to defeat George W. Bush.

More Reaction to AP

By on 10.6.08 | 10:53AM

Laura's Miscellaneous Musings has a good roundup of reaction to the outrageous AP "analysis" about "racism" coming from Sarah Palin. And here's even more of the "story behind the story," including third-hand reporting that Ron Fournier had a role in this monstrosity of a story.

Finally, in a sort of related thing, looking at establishment media coverage of this race more broadly, here's a great quote from our good friend Craig Shirley:
"Of course the mainstream media is completely covering the Obama campaign….just like a warm blanket."

Reader Mail

European Airs


Hateful ingrates and other Obamaites. Also: Which side to blame? Carol and the humbugs. Palin's airspace defense. Plus more.

Reader Mail

No Questions Asked


Scamming along the campaign trail. Bailout trumps Constitution -- and the Bible. Alaska: Flyover country? Roush: Why can't we be friends? Thatcher "middle class"? Plus more.

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Paradigms Lost

By 9.30.08

What did Katie Couric know, who investigates Chris Dodd, and why keep the New Deal?

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Easily Understood


Required reading from Peter Ferrara. Messing around with Paulson. Honest Obama. Diner talk. Plus more.

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Obama Camp Slimes David Freddoso

By 9.18.08

The costs of doing the mainstream media's job.

ABC News’ Careful Editing of the Interview

By on 9.13.08 | 11:39AM

Mark Levin has posted (I believe it's just the first night; I've only seen clips) a transcript of the interview between Charles Gibson and Gov. Palin that includes the parts that were edited out, and as my John Locke Foundation colleague Jon Ham notes:

...When you compare his interview with Barack Obama, and especially his interview with a truly unqualified John Edwards in 2004, in which the toughest question was whether he thought the Republicans were being too tough on him, you see the depth of Gibson's bias.