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If At First You Don’t Secede


Trying the Ferraro Doctrine. Plus: Burying Arafat. Aging Specter. Devolving Darwin. And much more.

Loose Canons

Gunning Down the Lies

By 10.31.04

OBL might have been reading from DNC talking points when he made his videotape. It’s time to fire back.

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Taking Libertarians


Preferable to Democrats? Plus: More on Tucker and kindness, on very bad Keller, on post-Torricelli Lautenberg, and other signs of the good times.

Washington Prowler

Old News, New Smear

By 10.29.04

The latest Kerry-media effort regarding Halliburton has New Jersey fingerprints.

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Tuckered Out


Record reader turn out in response to William Tucker’s get out the civility voter drive in the event of a Kerry win.

Political Hay

You Load 380 Tons

By 10.27.04

And what do you get? Evidently proof that Kerry-Edwards dragged their feet on getting them out of Saddam’s dangerous hands.

Special Report

If the Democrats Lose

By 10.19.04

We’ll know who to thank and which root causes to credit.

Loose Canons

November Losers

By 10.18.04

They know who they are. That’s why they’ve been fighting mad.

Another Perspective

White Noise

By 10.14.04

Let's be honest for once -- the debates and their principals stank.

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City Peanuts


Neighborhood watch commandos. Hewitt Republicans. The sad fate of an ex-Republican. Kerry-Edwards in a word. Plus much more.