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Vote! MSNBC Poll

By on 4.24.09 | 10:30AM

Liberal "news" network MSNBC recently launched an online poll to grade Obama. From email:

They know we don't watch their network, and the votes will pile up from misguided liberals with high grades.

EVERYONE, click on the link below and give Obama the "F" he deserves. As of now he has 30% "A" grade from the liberals. We can drive this down.

A quick perusal of Google shows that this email is not only making the blog rounds on the right, but the "outrage" rounds on the left. Click, vote, and as the email suggests, make sure Obama gets the grade he deserves.

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Pancake Red Stone

By 4.24.09

When it came to the Soviet Union, the journalist I.F. Stone wasn't so independent.

Re: Kathleen Parker, Clever Girl

By on 3.16.09 | 11:42AM

My first question after reading Parker's column was, how many newspapers have dropped her column? She shifted from Tribune's syndicate (no sour grapes there -- just ask her!), where she was in as many as 335 newspapers, a few years ago to the Washington Post's.

Media Matters

Authors of Their Own Doom

By 2.2.09

When did newspapering seal its fate?

The Nation's Pulse

The Economics of Quicksand

By 1.30.09

Media experts stunned when falling prices result in greater sales.

The Current Crisis

Bill Kristol’s Departure

By 1.29.09

The Slim balls at the New York Times prove both predictable and controversial.

Streetcar Line

Unsurprising Bigotry

By 12.31.08

The elite media's disdain for faith.

The Nation's Pulse


By 12.31.08

Let old acquaintance be unforgot.

Pundit Fallacies

By on 10.29.08 | 1:21PM

Let's get the two defensible things Walter Shapiro says in his latest Salon column out of the way. Yes, there is a contradiction between trying to replicate George W. Bush's campaigns and the John McCain 2000 campaign, and it's one McCain has even at this late date failed to resolve. Yes, there is a strong conservative case to be made against many of the Bush administration's policies, including some that are popular among self-described conservatives. The rest of Shapiro's piece is utter nonsense.

The Current Crisis

The Shoddiest Coverage Ever

By 10.23.08

The mainstream moron media's indifference to the real stories of this campaign season is unprecedented.