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By on 11.21.09 | 11:13AM

No need for me to leave out the other two media objects of my occasional denunciation in the Climategate story. George Soros's organizational daughter-in-law, Washington Post reporter Juliet Eilperin, apparently was instructed by her editor to come up with copy superficially sufficient to fill a 472-word space on page A14.
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Re: Juliet Eilperin is No Joke

By on 10.16.09 | 5:57PM

My friend Quin is right as far as the way I phrased my blog post late yesterday: Juliet Eilperin is not a joke. She is a human being created in God's image, and I should know better, and for that I apologize to Ms. Eilperin.
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Juliet Eilperin is a Joke

By on 10.15.09 | 6:35PM

Yet another template-follower from the Society of Environmentalist Journalists -- this time the Washington Post's Juiiet Eilperin -- today delivered her latest advocacy piece for the Red/Green cause.
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Leaving Out the Big Fragment

By on 9.21.09 | 10:15AM

Howard Kurtz this morning surveys the broadcast news networks about "Saturation Sunday," also known as President Obama's media blitz on the television news talk shows yesterday.
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Will They Get the Imus Treatment?

By on 8.6.09 | 1:07PM

Two of the Washington Post's hotshot political reporters had a little fun with a video camera, posted the results on the newspaper's Web site, and got promptly shut down.
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