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Waiting for Obama


The man of whose hour? Also: McCarthy is in the details. Chuck Grassley's righteous motives. Stories real and more real. Guns in backpacks. Plus more.

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A Sterns talking to. UCCnabombers. Whither the Second Amendment? Plus more.

Wright vs. Hagee

By on 3.16.08 | 3:18PM

In a post Friday, I argued that Barack Obama's statement on Jeremiah Wright would not have been enough to end the controversy if he were a Republican attending John Hagee's church. Daniel Larison disagrees, saying "the mainstream media have shown relatively little interest in making much out of McCain's acceptance of Hagee's endorsement." I guess it depends on what you define as "relatively little interest" -- the Hagee endorsement seems to me to have gotten a fair amount of press, and predictably everyone who is worried about Hagee is downplaying Wright and vice versa.

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Obama’s Mess


The audacity of legal bills. Kids these days. Beyond satire. Plus more.

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SNL Hell


Unfunny Franken. Rout of ages. Defending Tolkien. 60 Minutes. Plus more.