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Elite Science’s Selective Outrage

By on 6.29.11 | 8:53PM

Today the board of directors of American Association for the Advancement of Science announced they'd had enough of scrutiny of the pioneers of global warming propagandism, particularly when it comes to the work of Climategater Michael Mann and the hockey stick chart he made up (flatlining the Medieval Warming Period) when he was at the University of Virginia, and also the outside wealthmaking of NASA stargazer Dr. James Hansen.

Feeling Sorry for Big Green

By on 3.31.11 | 5:15PM

Politico reported yesterday that "it's not easy being green anymore" and whined, "It's no secret environmentalists are outgunned when it comes to cash," as though they are hopelessly losing every political battle. I partially (I say "partially" because there is so much more that can and has been written) debunk that myth over at the National Legal & Policy Center blog today.

Did They Misplace the Decimal Point?

By on 2.7.11 | 6:20AM

The news that AOL paid $315 million for Huffington Post has to provoke some eyerolls. According to AOL's own Finance Daily, HuffPo claims 25 million unique monthly visitors.  This alleged fact permits every Internet operator in the world to estimate the sell-out value of their own site and, as a strictly business calculation, it's very difficult to see how the AOL/HuffPo deal makes sense.

Think of it this way: What kind of online news operation could you run for $1 million a year? Well, if you figure your staff's average salary somewhere in the neighborhood of $75,000 -- a fat number, really -- then you could have a staff of 10, plus a quarter-million bucks to spare for all other expenses, including promotion.

OK, then: What's to stop any AOL rival from plunking down $3 million a year to launch a HuffPo competitor with a staff of 30 and an expense budget of $750,000?

Except Where Climate Change is Concerned

By on 2.2.11 | 10:02AM

The New York Times, in its report this morning about the massive snowstorm covering much of the U.S., begins with:

A paralyzing 2,000-mile swath of winter at its snowy, icy, messy worst pushed eastward across the United States on Tuesday, disrupting the rhythms of everyday life and punctuating this season's recurring lesson that humankind has no dominion over nature.

I'm sure that last phrase was purely accidental.

Phony Survey Buttresses Anti-Fox Rants

By on 12.20.10 | 11:24AM

Clearly there is an organized effort by the Left to discredit Fox News' "hard news" reporting credibility -- most recently on global warming. Last week Media Matters and others criticized the network's Washington managing editor, Bill Sammon, for a memo he sent to his reporters that told them to "refrain from asserting that the planet has warmed (or cooled) in any given period without IMMEDIATELY pointing out that such theories are based upon data that critics have called into question." In other words, telling them to objectively report the facts. The Leftosphere is in a tizzy.

Ailes Rescues Another Journalist

By on 12.1.10 | 9:02AM

In September television station WJLA (the ABC affiliate in Washington) fired reporter Doug McKelway over his report about a demonstration by environmental groups, who protested during the BP/Gulf disaster over oil industry campaign contributions to members of Congress. Among other things his bosses were apparently displeased that McKelway called attention to President Obama's $77,051 in campaign contributions from BP.

Here's the report that got McKelway in trouble:

Re: O’Keefe, From Pimp to Punk(ed)

By on 9.30.10 | 4:19PM

Quin, I have to agree with you that this was an amazing example of about as bad a judgment as someone can have. And this looks downright mean. I like what my former John Locke Foundation boss John Hood, whom you linked, said at The Corner:

This CNN episode ought to convince all conservatives that not only should O’Keefe’s behavior be condemned, but conservative leaders and organizations need to do a better job of assessing the maturity level and character of the people they hire, support, or praise. Building an alternative media network of conservative and libertarian periodicals, news portals, broadcasters, blogs, and video sites is a great idea.

Pitiful Little Protest Leads to Reporter’s Firing

By on 9.17.10 | 1:17PM

According to the Washington Post Doug McKelway, a reporter for the city's ABC affiliate WJLA, has been fired after he was suspended last month over a confrontation with his boss. The conflict arose because of a McKelway report about a demonstration by environmental groups, who protested during the BP/Gulf disaster over oil industry campaign contributions to members of Congress. Here is the report he delivered on July 20 from Capitol Hill: