Environmentalist Hypocrisy

By on 7.8.10 | 4:12PM

That Big Oil (or whatever fossil fuel industry) funds free-market, limited government organizations and candidates (who also tend to fit into the global warming realism camp) is a familiar line of attack forwatermelon groups and the formerly mainstream media.

Let’s Twist Terms Again Like We Did Last Summer

By on 5.11.10 | 6:27PM

Copies of the Kerry/Lieberman/Graham/Not Graham carbon-cappin', ratepayer-screwin' bill are circulating via email in advance of its formal introduction tomorrow, and the Competitive Enterprise Institute offered a preview this afternoon.

The Obama Watch

Obama’s Scam and Pelosi’s Pigs

By 2.10.09

Feeding frenzy at the trough for lobbyist allies of president.

Washington Prowler

Merry Christmas, Carol

By 12.17.08

Carol Browner's lobbying comes neatly wrapped.