Lisa P. Jackson

Rebuttal on Greenhouse Gas Regulations

By on 2.16.11 | 4:24PM

In testimony EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson tried to convince Republicans on the House Energy and Commerce Committee why her agency needs to be funded to carry out its planned greenhouse gas regulations. Today my colleagues at the American Tradition Institute rebutted ten points that she cited to justify GHG regs -- every claim was either wrong, wrong-headed or simply silly.

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Pennsylvania Carrots, Virginia Sticks

By on 7.20.10 | 5:41PM

The Virginian-Pilot reports today about "mounting" tensions between Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and President Obama's EPA over new regulations designed to "hasten the Chesapeake Bay cleanup."
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The Public Policy

EPA Sniffs Smog

By and 1.14.10

The latest example of Obama environmentalism run amok -- but who needs economic recovery anyway?
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