Lisa Murkowski

Tea Party Express to Murkowski: ‘You Lost’

By on 10.5.10 | 9:58AM

Following last month's ad from Let Freedom Ring that painted Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski as Daddy Frank's little princess who thinks she's entitled to her seat, Tea Party Express came up with their own effort to take down the incumbent's write-in campaign:

Daddy’s Little Princess

By on 9.26.10 | 7:22PM

Hat tip to the Wall Street Journal's John Fund for the head's up on this campaign ad by Let Freedom Ring, which criticizes Sen. Lisa Murkowski over her write-in campaign after she lost the Alaska Republican primary to newcomer Joe Miller. It reminds voters that she got her seat because her daddy, former Gov. Frank Murkowski, gave it to her in the first place. Maybe there will be more like it targeting Florida GOP reject Charlie Crist and temporarily defeated Delaware Rep. Mike Castle.

Campaign Crawlers

Palin Power Strikes Home

By 7.6.10

Another maverick challenges the Alaska establishment.