Lindsey Graham

Can Conservatives Force Lindsey Graham Into a Runoff Tonight?

By on 6.10.14 | 6:02PM

The most-watched primary in the country tonight will be held in South Carolina as Republican incumbent Senator Lindsey Graham takes on six primary opponents. Graham, unpopular with many conservatives and grassroots activists across the country, is being blasted from the right for his votes and seemingly out-of-touch statements.

The question isn't whether Lindsey Graham will win tonight—he's outpolling all his challengers by a significant margin—but whether he'll net the required 50 percent of the vote to avoid a runoff with the second-place candidate. Many state and local papers reported that back in May, several of the candidates signed a pledge to support whomever Graham faced in the runoff if one occurred. This could cause serious headaches for Graham.

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Let’s Twist Terms Again Like We Did Last Summer

By on 5.11.10 | 6:27PM

Copies of the Kerry/Lieberman/Graham/Not Graham carbon-cappin', ratepayer-screwin' bill are circulating via email in advance of its formal introduction tomorrow, and the Competitive Enterprise Institute offered a preview this afternoon.
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Lieberman: 60 Votes Attainable

By on 4.13.10 | 2:20PM

Connecticut's Independent Democrat Sen. Joe Lieberman is optimistic about passage of the climate/energy bill he's been working on with Democrat John Kerry and Republican Lindsey Graham, according to National Journal.
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