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What Peaceful Islam?

By 3.1.06

By playing nice, the WSJ editorial board is missing the unfortunate clash of civilizations.

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‘Twas the Night Before


Nothing was stirring, not even the House. Also: Intelligently designed discussion. Attending Churchill. Commies. And more.

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Spokesman Stein


"Dr. Stein should be the new White House spokesman." Plus more on Ben Stein and national security. Also: Bush's bounce back. Beauty and design. Japanese-American internments. And much more.

R.W. Bradford, RIP

By on 12.10.05 | 5:53PM

The founder of Liberty, where I was an editorial intern in 2002, has died. Read the tributes by Jesse Walker and Brian Doherty, who knew Bill longer than I did.

Working at Liberty was often terrible -- Doherty's line about it being "more like being manservant to a wealthy eccentric than a journalism intern" is dead on. And I did the job very poorly, ultimately quitting midway through my internship with an email. But the long conversations with Bill were well worth the experience. He was a walking encyclopedia of the internal wranglings within the libertarian movement; he knew everybody, and had their number. (Murray Rothbard did not invent libertarianism in his living room!) I'm very, very glad to have known him, and sad to hear that he's gone. My condolences especially to his wonderful wife Kathy.

The Current Crisis

The Good News Is Good

By 12.7.05

But for Democrats, a full glass is always empty if not shattered.

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Alito’s Libertarian Streak

By 11.9.05

There is much in his record that should attract Scalia-fearing libertarians and liberals alike.

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Friendly Persuasion


Settling and resolving many a Republican -- and Democratic -- score. Plus much else, including a special Rita Hayworth festival.

Media Matters

Masked Players

By 2.15.05

The denial of any political content is a long-standing strategy of the cultural left in America.

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Gunning Around


Columbine avoidance syndrome. The Cracked-Up Crack-Up. More on Arnoldian dynastic succession. Also: The Miscorrector.

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Taking Libertarians


Preferable to Democrats? Plus: More on Tucker and kindness, on very bad Keller, on post-Torricelli Lautenberg, and other signs of the good times.