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The recovery continues and tomorrow the sun will rise even brighter...before the clouds return. Also: Libertarians and conservatives. Amerabia. Plus much more.

Andrew Sullivanism vs. Libertarianism

By on 10.24.06 | 4:42PM

Glenn Reynolds cast an early vote in Tennessee the other day. It wasn't clear from reading Instapundit over the past couple months who he was supporting in the Senate race -- he'd been criticized from the right for being too nice to Harold Ford, Jr. -- until he revealed that he'd voted for Bob Corker:

Re: South Park Democrats

By on 8.30.06 | 11:27AM

Shawn, fair enough if we're talking about things from a philosophical, rather than purely political perspective. I agree that Republicans can use a healthy dose of anti-statism. With that said, it's worth adding that there's a lot libertarians could do to gain more influence within the Republican Party. The reality is that politicians are primarily interested in winning elections, and the only way to gain influence is to convince them that you can help them win. Religious conservatives weren't always a major part of the party, but once they proved themselves a dependable voting bloc, willing to volunteer and turnout on Election Day, they won a seat at the table. Sure, they haven't gotten much of what they wanted, but they are surely better off than they would have been had they sat on their hands for the past several decades (if nothing else, look at Scalia, Thomas, Alito, Roberts). In contrast, libertarians tend to be a cynical bunch not likely to get involved in the cheesy elements of bumper-sticker politics that dominate elections.

Re: South Park Democrats

By on 8.29.06 | 10:17PM

John, fair enough that there were 10 Bush voters in that informal Reason poll, but I also counted 47 participants. So, with only 10 votes out of 47, I'm willing to stand by my statement that "most everybody" did not vote for Bush (I didn't mean to imply everybody).

Re: South Park Democrats

By on 8.29.06 | 8:44PM

It's about more than voting blocks. In a 1975 interview with Reason no less a conservative than Ronald Reagan said, "If you analyze it I believe the very heart and soul of conservatism is libertarianism." Now, obviously the power dynamics and constituencies are different these days, but the truth is the more Republicans win, the more the philosophical backbone of the party seems to weaken under the understandable if not particularly admirable desire to hold onto power. So libertarians may not win Republicans elections, but it's difficult to look at the behavior of this Congress and White House without getting the sense that we could use a little more principled opposition in the ranks. Right-leaning libertarians carry more worth than a simple vote.

Here's more Reagan from that interview, by the by:

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