Rand Paul is Right on National Security and Debt

By on 4.22.14 | 2:02PM

The D.C. commentariat is currently buzzing in unison. “Left” and “right” have united in agitated harmony. You see, Rand Paul is a danger to his party and this country…if not the entire world. Or so the chorus goes. Yesterday, Jed Babbin lent his full-throated support to their refrain.

With all due respect to Mr. Babbin, I don't think a 2002 op-ed addressed to the Bowling Green Daily News can condense the political philosophy of libertarianism “at its finest," nor the notion of liberty as the highest political end.

Likewise, I don’t particularly care to reengage the 1964 Civil Rights Act hubbub. The idea that a private business might reserve the right to refuse service has been thoroughly covered on this digital broadsheet. For his part, Senator Paul is more than capable of defending himself on this point, as he has countless times.

Rather, I’d like to treat—with laser-focus—Mr. Babbin’s contention that Rand Paul “speaks clearly because his positions are naïve and otherworldly.” He continues:

Rand Paul’s Libertarianism is Conservative

By on 2.11.14 | 5:32PM

Sen. Rand Paul, a frontrunner for the Republican presidential nominee in 2016, feels compelled to square his “libertarian” sentiments with his conservatism.

“Libertarian does not mean libertine,” Paul said, addressing the American Principles Projects last Wednesday.

He clarified what he meant by libertarian:

I don’t see libertarianism as, you can do whatever you want. There is a role for government, there’s a role for family, there’s a role for marriage, there’s a role for the protection of life.

Alaska Libertarians Courted in GOP Senate Fight

By on 8.27.10 | 3:03AM

Alaska's Libertarian Party suddenly finds itself in the news -- and the object of political courtship -- as a result of Joe Miller's apparent upset of Sen. Lisa Murkowski in Tuesday's GOP Senate primary.

Under Alaska law, if Murkowksi is defeated in the Republican primary, her only other option to be on the Nov. 2 ballot would be for her to obtain the nomination of another party. Murkowski's supporters are trying to persuade LP Senate candidate Frederick "Dave" Haase to consider stepping aside so that she could run on the Libertarian ticket -- a move that Haase and state LP officials have so far refused to rule out.

In a telephone interview late Thursday, one LP source in Anchorage told me that although Haase has expressed admiration for Murkowski, he's also a "huge fan of Sarah Palin."

He Says ‘Materialistic Libertarianism’ Like It’s a Bad Thing

By on 8.18.10 | 3:40PM

In excoriating Ann Coulter for speaking at a conference next month of gay Republicans, Joseph Farah of WorldNetDaily says:

"The drift of the conservative movement to a brand of materialistic libertarianism is one of the main reasons we planned this conference from the beginning."

"This conference" is WorldNetDaily's Take Back America conference, from which Farah has disinvited Coulter. Use of "libertarian" as an epithet, and accusations that advocates of a free society are "materialistic," have long troubled me. A few years ago, I picked a fight with Rod Dreher over his idiotic statement:"The tragic flaw of Western economics is that it is based on exploiting and encouraging greed and envy."

Koch, Smile

By on 7.19.10 | 2:39PM

As I mentioned last month, leftist nonprofits and environmental pressure groups have singled out the business enterprises and philanthropy of David and Charles Koch as recent targets for demonization.

Sagerism, Cont’d

By on 10.29.08 | 8:31PM

Ryan Sager's analysis of the Libertarian West is similarly unpersuasive. First, this region of the country is hardly immune to the appeals of unlibertarian economic populism and even social conservatism. Second, if the Interior West's Democratic shift is attributable to disaffected libertarians rather than demographic changes favorable to liberalism, why are the same trends evident in non-libertarian Virginia? Thirdly, why did Bob Barr see his strongest poll numbers before John McCain picked icky religious conservative Sarah Palin rather than after disaffected libertarians had no one to vote for?

Quote of the Day

By on 7.30.08 | 1:22PM

"The vast amount of human activity ought to be none of the government's business." -- Congressman Barney Frank (D-Mass.) at a press conference on his proposal to end federal penalties for Americans carrying fewer than 100 grams of marijuana. I agree with Frank on pot (and online gambling), but I wish he'd extend his libertarianism to the vast amount of human activity that goes on in the economic sphere.

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