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My Apologies

By on 10.11.08 | 10:20AM

I have asked Wlady to publish this statement in the letters column, and I have sent it to my mailing list, too.

I’ll be busy this week with a couple of minor surgeries – switching over from peritoneal to hemo dialysis.  Your loving responses have humbled me with gratitude, and also made me realize what a complete horse’s ass I made of myself, popping off the way I did.  “Writers write,” yes indeed, but more writers, myself included, ought to pay attention to Bill Wilson’s dictum, “Nothing pays off like restraint of tongue and pen.” 


I will reproduce a paragraph from a friend’s letter to me for now, and leave it at that.

“Your article broke my heart.  First for its dire nature, secondly for your presumption that controlling pain is a character flaw.  It isn’t.  Neither is it the same as chronic alcoholism.  I speak with a knowing clear heart.  If God offers a physical measuring to lessen the pain you are going through and your doctor feels it will help in whatever lies ahead, then use it.  This in no manner implies you are a mindless addict.”

Obama’s Dodgy Donations

By on 10.10.08 | 9:23AM

The NY Times has a new article out finding additional suspicious names given for people making a series of small contributions under $200. I was surprised that the Times would run such an article, but the more I read, the more it became clear how guilty the paper was for having run something that raised any questions about Obama, so there's a series of passages in which the paper is sure to point out that it isn't suggesting the donations wouldn't involve fraud, and at no point does the article mention the most serious potential problem with the contributions -- that they could allow foreign donors to influence American elections. We already know, for instance, that the Obama campaign had to return $33,000 to two Palestinian brothers in Gaza who had placed a bulk t-shirt order.